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Grace Gaze Daily is one of the fastest growing Christian devotionals online! Unlike other devotionals, we use liberating love letters that awaken your spirit and make your heart sing.  

Every day members receive spirit-lifting love letters from Abba Father that stoke your inner fires and unlock peace, joy and hope in under 3 minutes a day.

Our goal is for you to fall madly in love with your Heavenly Father and experience the wonder of His blissful embrace like never before by sharing daily celebrations of Gods unconditional love and grace!

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About Bas Rijksen

Bas is just like you—but you may know him as international speaker and teacher.  By utilizing his teaching gift, he's helped over 1,271,353 Christians rapidly crush condemnation, guilt, shame and anxiety under their feet, make their heart sing, and their life radiate with God's love, joy, peace and hope by sharing God's unconditional love and grace. 

Bas makes the complicated really simple. His messages are short, sweet and packed with truth! No hype. No fluff. No "bad news." Just 100% pure grace teachings without a single ounce of religious swizzle. And he's just a nice guy who really cares about people.  

His students learn to relax and enjoy life as he masterfully helps to demolish lies and strongholds of thinking and replace them with God's-empowering-and-liberating-truth. Sitting at Bas' feet is like stepping into a jacuzzi filled with heavenly-aroma-bath-bombs that makes you feel a brand-new person! Make sure to click the buttons below to connect with him on Facebook and YouTube!

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Praise and Testimonials

I'd lost my joy, confidence in God's love for me. It has been painful. But as I've been listening to Bas' teachings I literarily felt as if a ton of bricks had come of my body. I feel born again again. No more struggle with sin anymore! 

barbara lane

I've heard many times about the importance of Jesus' work on the cross, but now I really understand it in my heart and not just with my head. It was like, "WOW, I get it!A veil has been lifted and the Word of God has become more accessible to me. Thank you Bas!

gary howard

I've often wondered, "there must be more then this to Christian life." After hearing Bas' teaching I thought: "FINALLY! someone who made it simple!" He confirmed what I knew deep down all along. Now, I'm not judging and condemning people anymore and I experience a deep peace and freedom!

rowam fields

I never understood why people would want to die for the Gospel. I know it sounds big, but now, after I've heard the true Gospel explained by Bas, I can say I'm willing to die for the Gospel!

marie fisher


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Hundreds of personalized letters from God keep you in touch with His thoughts and feelings for you. Your life turns into a sweet and joyful place to be — wrapped in your heavenly Father’s arms — so you never have to guess again if your relationship and love for God deepens all-around… or not.

Fall madly in love with your Abba Father and stoke your inner fires and unlock peace, joy and hope in under 3 minutes a day! Join world's #1 celebrated devotional! Click the button below to claim your love letters now!