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Bas Rijksen

You’ve been lied to every Sunday, and it’s time to uncover the truth. Are you ready to challenge everything you’ve been taught?

This isn’t just another sermon. This is a journey to the heart of your faith, stripping away layers of misconceptions to reveal the unfiltered, liberating truth of Jesus. 

We’re here to expose the ‘Institutional Church System’ – the entity that has veiled our eyes with ‘sneaky serpent sayings’ and bound us in chains of legalism. Today, we’ll dismantle these deceptions and rediscover the joy of a faith rooted in unconditional love and freedom.

Imagine you’re in a maze, every turn leading to another dead end of confusion and guilt. This is the maze of the Institutional Church System, where ‘sneaky serpent sayings’ keep you running in circles, never reaching the heart of Jesus’ message.

Remember the time when you sat there in the pew, feeling the weight of judgment, the chains of ‘do more, be more’? That’s the work of the Institutional Church System, a factory producing performance-based faith.

It’s kinda like a gardener who plants thorns instead of flowers. Instead of the fragrance of freedom, you get pricked by the thorns of legalism and guilt.

I was once there too, believing I was never enough, always falling short. But then, I discovered the liberating truth of Jesus, free from the Institution’s influence.

And let’s be honest, some of those sermons were so dry, they could make the Sahara look like an oasis!

Are you tired of the guilt-tripping, the fear-mongering? It’s time to break free. To rediscover a faith not in an institution, but in Jesus, Grace personified.

In this article, we’re diving into 20 of these eye-opening lies from the book ‘Sacred Deceptions‘ to give you a sneak peek at the amazing truths we’ve uncovered.

Brace yourself, friend, as we stand on the threshold of a transformative revelation. Today, we’re diving into a selection of some of the most impactful deceptions spread by the ‘Institutional Church System’—the crafty architect of ‘sneaky serpent sayings.’ 

These lies, like thorns in a garden of faith, have pricked our spirits, leaving us lost in a maze of confusion and guilt. But no more! As we peel back these layers of deceit, we also embrace the liberating truth of Jesus. 

Our mission is to dismantle these institutional chains and awaken to a faith that’s pure, unfiltered, and radiant with unconditional love and freedom. Are you ready to expose these falsehoods and rediscover the joy of a faith rooted in Grace, not in guilt? Let’s dive in!

1. Effortless Perfection: The lie says, “God expects you to do your best.” The truth is, in Christ, our best is no longer about striving; it’s about trusting. Imagine a child learning to walk, held securely in a parent’s hands. That’s us with God—our efforts, though wobbly, are perfected in His grip.

2. Already Provided: The lie says, “God wants to give you what you need.” The truth is, we often act like beggars, yet God has already made us heirs. It’s like having a bank account brimming with blessings, yet living in needless poverty. Open your eyes to the riches already bestowed upon you in Christ.

3. Grace-Fueled Holiness: The lie says, “If you resist sin, you will become more godly.” The truth is, resisting sin is less about clenching your fists and more about opening your hands to God’s grace. True holiness flows effortlessly from a heart overwhelmed by grace, not from a willpower contest.

4. Beyond Rules: The lie says, “There are certain religious rules we need to keep.” The truth is, religious rules act like a magnifying glass, revealing our flaws and pointing us toward our need for a savior. In Christ, we are liberated from the confines of the law, soaring on the wings of grace and love, free from the heavy burden of legalistic rules.

5. New Creation Reality: The lie says, “You need to feed the new nature and starve the old.” The truth is, in Christ, the old you is already crucified. You’re not a house divided; you’re a new creation. Imagine trying to feed a ghost of your past self—it’s unnecessary. Embrace the new life you have now in Jesus.

6. Gift of Life: The lie says, “You must give your life to Jesus.” The truth is, imagine a desert, parched and dry, suddenly revitalized by a life-giving rain. That’s us receiving Jesus’ life, a refreshing and renewing gift, not a sacrificial giving away.

7. True Identity: The lie says, “Christians are just sinners saved by grace.” The truth is, picture a caterpillar, bound to the ground, transformed into a butterfly, free to soar. That’s our new identity as saints, uplifted by grace.

8. Divine Union: The lie says, “When you became a Christian, God changed your life.” The truth is, envision two distinct melodies coming together in harmony, creating a symphony. This is the divine union we experience in Christ, a fusion more profound than mere change.

9. New Existence: The lie says, “Becoming a Christian means having your sins forgiven.” The truth is, it’s like emerging from a long, dark tunnel into a world vibrant with color and light. Our new existence in Christ isn’t just about forgiveness; it’s a complete rebirth into something beautiful and new.

10. Complete Redemption: The lie says, “Our sins are under the blood of Christ.” The truth is, think of the sun rising and banishing the night’s shadows. Christ’s sacrifice doesn’t just cover our sins; it completely removes them, bringing us into the full light of day.

11. Love’s True Source: The lie says, “Your greatest need is to love God more.” The truth is, like a flower instinctively turning towards the sun, our love for God is a natural response to His radiant love for us, not a forced obligation.

12. Trust Over Rededication: The lie says, “The answer to weak commitment is to rededicate yourself to Christ.” The truth is, it’s like being adrift at sea and instead of constantly paddling, choosing to set your sails and trust the wind. Our trust in the Lord propels us forward, not our relentless rededication.

13. Real Conviction: The lie says, “The Holy Spirit convicts us of our sins.” The truth is, “The Spirit’s conviction is like a lighthouse guiding ships to safe harbor, not a storm causing chaos. It leads us to faith and trust, not guilt and shame.

14. Harmonious Journey: The lie says, “The Christian life is all of Him and none of me.” The truth is, consider a dance where two partners move as one. Our Christian journey is a partnership with God in union, a dance of divine grace and responsive steps.

15. Endless Grace: The lie says, “You can go too far with grace.” The truth is, imagine trying to empty the ocean with a bucket. God’s grace is like the vast sea – endless and immeasurable.

16. Heart of the Gospel: The lie says, “Grace is a very important doctrine.” The truth is, grace is to the Gospel what the heartbeat is to life; it’s the vital, life-giving force that sustains and nourishes our faith.

17. Empowering Grace: The lie says, “Grace can lead to a careless attitude towards sin.” The truth is, like sunlight nurturing a garden, grace doesn’t lead us to carelessness but nourishes us to grow in righteousness and bloom in holiness.

18. Relationship Over Service: The lie says, “Our greatest responsibility is to serve God.” The truth is, just as a child finds joy and growth in the loving arms of a parent, our primary call is not just to serve God, but to dwell deeply in a loving relationship with Him.

19. Inherent Pleasure: The lie says, “You need to try hard to please God.” The truth is, like a parent whose heart swells with love at the mere sight of their child, God finds delight in us through Christ, not because of our efforts, but because of our inherent value to Him.

20. Christ, Our Essence: The lie says, “Christ wants to have first place in your life.” The truth is, imagine the air you breathe becoming part of every cell in your body. Christ isn’t just a priority; He becomes the essence of our being, as essential and fundamental as the very air we breathe.

As we unravel these truths, we find ourselves stepping into a realm of faith where grace is the air we breathe, and love is the ground we walk on. This isn’t the end but a new beginning in your faith journey. Embrace this newfound freedom, my friend. 

Let your faith be a light in a world entangled in deception, guided not by the confines of the Institutional Church System, but by the boundless grace and truth of Jesus.

Now, let’s zoom in on some life-changing stories:
  • Think of Mark, like a marathon runner on a never-ending track, trying to earn God’s thumbs-up. When he stumbled upon the ‘Gift of Life’ truth, it was like crossing the finish line into a celebration of love already waiting for him! His story? It’s like dropping a ton of bricks and suddenly floating like a feather.
  • And Sarah! She felt like she was wearing a ‘sinner’ label. But discovering her true identity as a saint? That’s like looking in a mirror and seeing a superhero staring back. No more capes of shame, only robes of grace!
  • Then there’s Alex, tied up in legalism’s tight knots. ‘Beyond Rules’ didn’t just untie him; it launched him into a field of freedom. Imagine stepping out of a tiny, dark closet into a sunlit meadow. That’s Alex, breathing in the fresh air of freedom for the first time.

These aren’t just stories; they’re sparks that ignite our faith! They’re the lightbulb moments showing us the way from being trapped in misconceptions to basking in the sunshine of enlightenment and freedom.

Now, drumroll, please… Enter ‘Grace Gaze’! This isn’t just another spiritual fad; it’s a revolution in how we see our faith. Jesus, the MVP of grace, knocks out the old ‘Merit Monkey’ thinking. Picture a world where your spiritual scoreboard isn’t about how high you jump, but about soaking in the ocean of love Jesus pours out. ‘Grace Gaze’ is your VIP ticket to this world. It’s a journey from the treadmill of trying hard to the joy of already being accepted in Christ.

But wait, there’s more! ‘Grace Gaze’ isn’t just about tweaking our belief system; it’s a whole new way to experience our faith and live a life in God’s abundance. It’s like swapping out old, blurry glasses for high-def ones. Suddenly, we’re not the underdogs; we’re the beloved, the cherished, the complete in Christ!

Ready to jump on this bandwagon? Don’t let the ‘Institutional Church System’ pull your strings. Grab the wheel of truth and steer your faith towards places where grace flows like a never-ending river.

And here’s the cherry on top: our eBook, ‘Sacred Deceptions: 101 Lies Taught In Church Every Sunday,’ is yours for free in Grace Gaze Academy. This isn’t just another book; it’s a treasure map to freedom. Share this gem and let’s start a grace revolution!

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Welcome to Grace Gaze Academy – where truth sets you free, and laughter is always on the menu!

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