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Bas Rijksen

Have you ever felt torn in your faith, like you’re on a rollercoaster, constantly moving between strict rules and freeing grace? You’re not alone. Many of us feel caught in this struggle, often finding that our faith feels more like a checklist than a heart-filled journey. Do you ever feel burdened, as if you’re trying to follow a rulebook that doesn’t quite fit your life?

In a world where faith often feels like a tightrope walk between old rules and new freedom, we have something special for you. Discover how our eBook, ‘Grace Unleashed: 150 Voices of Freedom,’ offers a fresh perspective, liberating you from the constraints of outdated rules. These 150 preachers are more than teachers; they’re guides to a life of genuine grace, free from the dry bread of legalism.

Are you ready to join us on this exciting journey of rediscovery, where we’ll dive into what it truly means to live a life fueled by grace, not just rules? We’ll uncover 5 Grace Insights, each offering a unique perspective on embracing and understanding grace in our lives. Let’s embark on this adventure together and ignite our faith with the true essence of grace.

Grace Insight #1: Navigating the Maze

Imagine, for a moment, walking into a house with a map meant for another home. Confusing, isn’t it? It’s as if you’re trying to solve a puzzle with pieces that just don’t fit. That’s what happens when we try to navigate our Christian walk using a mix of Old Covenant law and New Covenant grace. We end up feeling lost in our own spiritual home.

In the heart of this maze lies a profound truth, echoed in Romans 7:6, where Paul speaks of being released from the law to serve in the new way of the Spirit. Yet, many of us are still shackled to the old ways, burdened by a mix of messages that lead to a spiritual gridlock. It’s like being given wings to fly, yet choosing to walk.

This confusion breeds fear, guilt, and a sense of never being ‘good enough.’ Take Anna, for example, a devoted believer who spent years battling anxiety over whether she was living up to religious expectations. Her story is a testament to the paralyzing fear that can stem from trying to fulfill an endless list of spiritual dos and don’ts. It’s kinda like being in a race where the finish line keeps moving. The result? A community of believers who are running on a treadmill of religious obligations, going nowhere. 

Or consider Mark, who described feeling like he was always ‘falling short’ in his faith, despite his earnest efforts. His experience highlights the burden of guilt that many face in trying to reconcile old laws with new grace.

But it’s not just about running aimlessly. The real tragedy is in what we’re missing – the freedom and joy of a life lived in grace. It’s like having a key to a treasure chest but never opening it. This is the problem we face, a religious church caught between two covenants, missing out on the liberating power of Christ’s grace. 

These real stories from Anna and Mark are just a few examples among many, showing the urgent need for us to embrace the fullness of grace offered to us. It’s time to use that key and unlock the treasure of grace.

Grace Insight #2: The Covenant Contrast

Let’s paint a picture of two vastly different landscapes. On one side, the Old Covenant, resembling an ancient, rigid structure, where every brick is a rule, every wall a boundary. It’s the Mount Sinai of our faith, where commandments were given, a covenant based on strict adherence and external compliance. As Hebrews 8:6 tells us, it was good, but it was only a shadow of better things to come.

Now, turn to the other side, and you’ll see the New Covenant, vibrant like a sunrise, bursting with colors of grace and truth. It’s like stepping into a flourishing garden, where each bloom represents an aspect of God’s love and mercy. This isn’t about laws on stone but about love written on hearts. It’s the Mount Zion of our faith journey, where Jesus brings a covenant of grace, as proclaimed in Hebrews 8:13, making the old one obsolete. It’s a place where our faith journey finds its true meaning.

These two covenants are like two different melodies. The Old Covenant is a solemn hymn, reminding us of our human limitations. But the New Covenant is a symphony of hope and redemption, celebrating what Christ has done for us.

The challenge we face is not just understanding these two landscapes but living fully in the vibrant reality of the New Covenant. It’s about shifting our focus from the shadows of the law to the light of Christ’s grace. This shift isn’t just theological; it’s transformational, leading us to a life of freedom and joy in Jesus.

Grace Insight #3: Unmasking the System

The Institutional Church System can feel like a maze with walls built from outdated doctrines and rigid interpretations. It’s like a spider web, intricate and sticky, trapping many in a cycle of twisted religious teachings. We must recognize this web to navigate through it.

This system, in its misguided zeal, often resembles the Pharisees whom Jesus rebuked. Remember Matthew 23:4? “They tie up heavy, cumbersome loads and put them on other people’s shoulders…” This is a vivid depiction of legalism, piling up burdens that Christ never intended for us to bear.

These religious teachings, sneaky serpent sayings, subtly shift our focus from the freedom of Christ to the chains of performance. It’s like being in a boat, rowing hard but anchored in place, never moving forward. The result? A tidal wave of fear, doubt, and spiritual exhaustion.

Contrast this with the ‘grace mindset,’ which brings liberation, joy, and a deep sense of intimacy with God the Father. Imagine the relief and peace in understanding that our worth and salvation are gifts of grace, not achievements of strict adherence.

But remember, our fight isn’t against flesh and blood, as Ephesians 6:12 reminds us. It’s against these false doctrines that distort the pure, liberating message of the gospel. The transformation from a ‘law mindset’ to a ‘grace mindset’ is profound. As many have testified, embracing grace replaces anxiety and striving with peace and rest.

It’s time for us to reject the harmful teachings that have clouded our spiritual vision and wholeheartedly embrace the liberating truth of God’s grace. Let’s commit ourselves to become ‘Grace Gazers’ — those who focus just on Jesus, the embodiment of grace itself. 

I invite you to join our supportive community, ‘Grace Gaze Visionaries,’ on Facebook. 

Here, we share insights and encouragement, helping each other experience the profound peace, joy, and freedom found in gazing upon Jesus, our ultimate example of grace. Together, let’s embrace this journey of Grace Gazing and witness how it transforms our lives, today and into the future. ‘Gaze upon Grace: Transform Your Tomorrow.

Moving towards this grace-based approach not only heals us internally but also fosters a more compassionate and understanding community. The time has come to cut these chains, to step out of the shadows of legalism, and to bask in the warm, radiant light of God’s grace.

Grace Insight #4: The Duck Church Parable

Let’s dive into a story, one that might sound a bit quirky but stick with me. It’s about a town of ducks, and it’s not just any tale – it’s a powerful illustration by Soren Kierkegaard.

Picture this: a town bustling with ducks, waddling to their Sunday service. There, they perch on pews, quacking hymns and whispering prayers. The duck minister, full of fervor, proclaims, “Ducks! You’re made to fly, to soar like eagles!” “Amen!”, “Preach it!” they quack, hearts stirred.

But here’s the catch – post sermon, they just waddle back home, wings unused. It’s like having a gym membership and never stepping inside – sounds familiar?

This moment serves as a metaphor for a common dilemma in our faith communities. Often, the teachings in our churches inspire us, much like the duck minister’s passionate words, yet they lack practical guidance for realizing our true spiritual potential. This disconnect can leave us waddling in place, despite our capacity for flight.

Let’s return to the story of the ducks. They represent us when we forget our God-given potential to soar. But here’s the catch – they just waddle back home, wings unused. This story isn’t just a fable; it’s a mirror reflecting our own spiritual stagnation.

This story hits home, doesn’t it? It’s a vivid portrayal of what happens in many of our churches. We hear about spiritual life, walking by faith, about freedom in Christ, yet we’re stuck waddling in the same old patterns. It’s not about the lack of inspiration; it’s the absence of transformation. 

So, as we chuckle at these ducks, let’s also look in the mirror. Are we too content with just waddling when we’re called to fly? Let this be a moment of realization, a turning point to spread our wings of faith, powered by the grace of Jesus.

Grace Insight #5: Unlocking Grace

Now, let’s turn the page to our solution, the beacon in our journey – the eBook “Grace Unleashed: 150 Voices of Freedom.” Think of it as a treasure map, leading us to the heart of God’s unconditional love and grace.

These 150 preachers are like guides in a wilderness, each one shining a light on the true essence of the New Covenant. Their teachings aren’t just words; they’re like keys unlocking the chains of legalism and performance-based faith.

In this eBook, each preacher brings a unique perspective, yet they all share a common thread – the transformative power of grace. It’s like sampling a buffet of the finest foods, each dish revealing a new flavor of God’s love and grace.

Our solution, ‘Grace Unleashed: 150 Voices of Freedom,’ serves as a compass guiding us out of the maze of confusion and into the clear path of grace. They’re not just voices; they’re beacons of hope.

This eBook is your invitation to a journey of discovery, a journey from law to grace, from striving to resting, from bondage to freedom. It’s time to experience the fullness of life that Christ offers, a life ablaze with the fire of grace.

Claim your free eBook now by visiting Grace Graze Academy. After you log in to the VIP Grace Gaze members area, you’ll find your exclusive eBook, ‘Grace Unleashed: 150 Voices of Freedom‘. This eBook is the curated list of 150 Preachers Who Will Set Your Faith on Fire with Grace. This is your step towards transforming your faith journey with the insights and wisdom of grace-filled preachers.

Consider these transformations through grace: Michael, a businessman once burdened by guilt, found joy and peace in his faith. Sarah, previously trapped by fear and inadequacy, experienced liberation and clarity in her life. John, overwhelmed by religious obligations, discovered a profound peace, transcending his anxieties.

These stories represent many others who have journeyed from fear and obligation to a life of freedom, peace, and joy in Christ. They are testaments to the life-changing power of grace, inspiring hope and renewal in our faith walks.

This is not just an invitation; it’s a pivotal moment in your faith journey. Imagine standing at the edge of a new dawn, the warm rays of God’s love beckoning you forward. Step into the light of grace, away from the shadows of doubt and legalism.

I invite you, dear friend, to explore the depths of the “Grace Unleashed: 150 Voices of Freedom.” This journey isn’t a mere exploration; it’s an awakening. So, take the step, open your heart, and let the transformative power of grace renew your spirit. Your path to a life of freedom and joy in Christ is just a decision away.

Remember, as you step out into your world, you are a living testimony of His grace. You have the power to soar on wings like eagles, to live a life unshackled by the confines of law, and to bask in the warm glow of His unfailing love. Today marks the beginning of a new chapter in your faith walk, a chapter where grace is your guiding light.

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