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Bas Rijksen

Are you ready to explore dimensions of God’s love that go far beyond what you’ve been told? Brace yourself as we embark on an eye-opening journey that will revolutionize your perspective. We’ll unravel seven mysteries and misconceptions about God’s love and reveal insights that will touch the very core of your faith and life, deepening your relationships with loved ones in profound ways.

Profound Truth #1: God’s Love as an Everlasting ‘Yes’ to All Creation

As we delve into our first profound truth, prepare to see the unconditional nature of God’s love in a light you’ve never imagined. Today, we uncover the transformative reality that God’s love is an unending, unyielding ‘Yes’ – a powerful affirmation that encompasses every aspect of creation.

Imagine a love so vast and inclusive that it extends beyond the confines of our understanding – this is the very essence of God’s love. Unlike the conditional love we often encounter in life, God’s love is a resounding affirmation of our existence. It’s an ‘Everlasting Yes’ to who we are, to our dreams, our struggles, and every step of our journey.

In the depths of God’s heart, there is no room for ‘No’. His love is not a fleeting sentiment; it’s a constant truth that echoes through every moment of our lives. Whether we stand atop mountains of success or walk through valleys of uncertainty, God’s love remains an unwavering ‘Yes’ to our being.

This unwavering ‘Yes’ from God does not mean He approves of all our actions. Rather, it distinguishes between affirming who we are and endorsing what we do. This invites us to live from the loving and righteous nature of Christ’s Spirit within us, aligning our actions with God’s loving and righteous nature.

Consider Sarah’s experience as a volunteer at a local shelter, where she witnessed the transformative power of God’s ‘Everlasting Yes’. She saw firsthand how individuals like Mark, shunned for past mistakes, found healing and a sense of belonging through unconditional acceptance. This deepened her understanding of the limitless ‘Yes’ of God’s love – a love that sees beyond flaws, embracing and restoring unconditionally, regardless of one’s past.

This truth, deeply rooted in Scripture, challenges us to rethink our perception of our Father’s love. From the affirming ‘It is good’ in Genesis to the redemptive work of Christ, the Bible reinforces this theme: God’s love is an unwavering ‘Yes’ to His creation, a ‘Yes’ that empowers, heals, and transforms.

In embracing this concept, we’re guided by the Holy Spirit within us to make right choices, reflecting Christ’s love and righteousness in our actions, influenced by God’s unconditional love and support.

In today’s world, embracing this truth is revolutionary. It calls us to mirror this divine ‘Yes’ in our interactions, fostering a culture of acceptance and love. It’s an invitation to live inspired by God’s example, extending an unconditional ‘Yes’ to those around us.

As we embrace the ‘Everlasting Yes’ of God’s love, let’s journey further to a truth even more liberating. Truth #2 unfolds a new layer in our understanding of our Father’s love.

Profound Truth #2: Beyond Right and Wrong: God’s Unconditional Embrace

Step into the realm of God’s love. Here, the conventional distinctions of right and wrong dissolve into an endless sea of grace. Visualize a love that warmly embraces all beings, actions, and thoughts, unconditionally. We enter the heart of God the Father, where judgments and conditions are replaced by a comprehensive, ever-present love, unconstrained by human notions of what is acceptable and what is not.

Envision a divine love that transcends our earthly measures of good deeds and mistakes, a love that doesn’t allocate blessings and favor for right behavior or withhold them for wrongdoing. This perspective does not advocate for moral relativism, but underscores that our actions, while they don’t diminish God’s love, do have consequences that shape our lives and relationships. 

This transformative understanding of God’s love uproots our ingrained notions of conditional acceptance, inviting us to experience a love that forgives infinitely and embraces without reservation.

Step into a renewed sense of peace and self-acceptance, nurtured by the realization that God’s love is unwavering, irrespective of your choices. This transformative journey releases you from the bonds of guilt and self-judgment, leading you into the radiance of a love that recognizes and cherishes your true essence, beyond your actions and mistakes.

Through the Gospels, we see Jesus extending love beyond societal norms. These narratives challenge us to perceive God’s love as a limitless force that dismantles the walls of human judgment, inviting everyone into an embrace that transcends all barriers.

Meet Gary, whose life once mirrored a storm of chaos and regret. Feeling condemned by his past, Gary faced rejection and judgment. Yet, his transformation began in a community embodying God’s unconditional love. Here, Gary was not defined by his history; instead, he was seen through the eyes of a love that knows no bounds. In this accepting community, Gary found his true identity and purpose, healing from his past and embracing a future filled with hope and new possibilities.

In our contemporary world, this truth inspires us to reshape our societal relationships and community dynamics. It calls us to reflect God’s unconditional love in our daily lives, creating environments where empathy replaces judgment, and inclusivity overcomes exclusion.

In this realm of God’s love, forgiveness is not conditional on our actions or requests. It is a constant, ever-flowing river, symbolizing that we are always within the embrace of God’s forgiveness and grace.

As we embrace the limitless embrace of God’s love, transcending right and wrong, let us journey further to uncover another liberating truth. 

Profound Truth #3: The Nonexistence of Judgment in God’s Mind and Heart

Now we confront and challenge the traditional notion of a judgmental God. In this third profound truth, we discover a startling and liberating perspective: In God’s mind and heart, judgment as we understand it, simply does not exist. This realization presents a revolutionary view of our Father’s love – an unconditionally accepting force, untouched by human constructs of right and wrong.

Often, our religious teachings paint a picture of God’s judgment as punitive, a critical component of His relationship with humanity. Yet, this truth turns that concept on its head. Instead of viewing God’s judgment as punitive, we now see it as a nurturing aspect of His love – a guiding force that seeks not to condemn, but to lovingly steer us closer to His essence of pure, unconditional love.

Consider the profound transformation of Bryan, a man who lived under the shadow of guilt and self-condemnation. Bryan’s story is one of a transformative journey – from a life burdened with perceived divine judgment to a liberating realization of God’s unconditional love and acceptance. His newfound understanding of God’s non-judgmental nature brought him inner peace, realigning his relationship with God and profoundly affecting his interactions with others.

Explore the depths of the Bible, where narratives traditionally seen as expressions of divine judgment are reinterpreted through the lens of God’s boundless love. Take, for instance, the Parable of the Sheep and the Goats, the depiction of the final judgment before the Great White Throne, or the Parable of the Talents. 

These stories, often viewed as divine assessments of human actions and thoughts, categorizing them as good or bad, righteous or sinful, are now seen in a new light. 

They are transformed into powerful allegories that showcase God’s endless love and capacity for transformation. Rather than depicting a God who condemns, these narratives reveal His deep desire to embrace and heal, inviting us to perceive His interactions with humanity as driven by an all-encompassing, unconditional love.

In understanding that God’s judgment is non-existent in the traditional sense, we redefine sin not as a point of condemnation, but as an opportunity for growth and learning in the light of God’s unending love. Sin, therefore, loses its power to separate us from God, as we are continually embraced in His grace and understanding.

Bryan’s narrative is a beacon for us all. His journey from a life overshadowed by self-judgment to one of acceptance and peace exemplifies the healing power of this truth. This transformation is a testament to the liberating effect of realizing God’s love is free from judgment, offering hope and a new perspective on life.

In a society often quick to judge and condemn, this profound truth encourages us to foster communities based on understanding and compassion. We are inspired to see beyond actions, recognizing the heart of human experience. This truth challenges us to reflect God’s non-judgmental love in our daily interactions, promoting a culture of empathy and grace.

Having explored the liberating notion that God’s judgment is an act of love, let’s now delve into the next truth. 

Profound Truth #4: Divine Approval: God’s Love Knows No Rejection

Prepare for a revelation of your Father’s love: In the realm of God’s affection, there is no rejection, only ceaseless acceptance. This truth unveils a love that is unconditional, transcending human concepts of worthiness and unworthiness.

In stark contrast to the conditional love often experienced in human relationships, where approval is earned and can be lost, God’s love represents a radical departure. This divine approval dispels the notion of divine disappointment, affirming that God’s love does not diminish in the face of our mistakes or failures. It’s a love without conditions or changes due to our actions. 

In God’s eyes, every person, every thought, and every action is met with divine approval, not because of what we do, but because of who we are – His beloved creations.

This understanding of our Father’s love as unconditionally approving can be profoundly liberating. Consider the journey of Emma, who wrestled with feelings of inadequacy under the weight of religious expectations. The realization that God’s love was unwavering and not based on her achievements brought about a significant transformation in her life, instilling a newfound sense of self-worth and peace.

The Bible, often misinterpreted as a book of rules and judgments, becomes a source of comfort when read through the lens of God’s unconditional love. Stories that were once seen as depictions of a judgmental God can be reinterpreted as expressions of His boundless love and acceptance. This perspective encourages us to see God not as a stern judge, but as a loving parent who accepts us as we are.

In a world where approval is often contingent on meeting certain standards, the concept of God’s unconditional love offers a refreshing and empowering alternative. By embracing this truth, individuals like Alex have found the courage to live authentically, free from the fear of judgment or rejection. Alex’s story illustrates the transformative power of understanding that our worth in God’s eyes is inherent and unchanging.

However, God’s constant approval of us doesn’t mean He endorses all our actions. This divine love differentiates between accepting us and guiding our behavior. The indwelling Holy Spirit gives revelation that brings transformation, steering us away from harm and towards positive change and growth.

Adopting this understanding of God’s love has far-reaching implications for our societies. It invites us to create communities where acceptance and compassion are the norms, rather than judgment and exclusion. This approach fosters an environment where people are valued for their inherent worth, not just for their accomplishments or adherence to certain standards.

Now, as we have journeyed through the understanding of God’s love as an unwavering affirmation, let us continue to our next profound truth, further deepening our exploration of the boundless dimensions of our Father’s amazing love.

Profound Truth #5: Perfect As You Are: The Absence of Required Change in God’s Eyes

Explore a revelation transforming the traditional view of spiritual growth: In God’s eyes, we are seen as perfect, just as we are, since we are in Christ. This truth challenges the widespread notion that we must change or achieve a certain level of spiritual or moral perfection to receive God’s love and acceptance.

In many religious contexts, there’s a pervasive belief that we must strive to be better, to change ourselves to be worthy of God’s love and acceptance. However, this truth presents a different perspective. Spiritual growth, in this light, is not about changing from ‘imperfect’ to ‘perfect’ but recognizing and living out the perfection that already exists within us. 

It asserts that God’s love doesn’t demand change as a condition for acceptance. Each of us, in our unique journey and existence, is already perfect in the eyes God the Father since we are partakers of His divine nature. 

This understanding can bring profound relief and self-acceptance. Consider Linda’s story. Struggling with self-doubt and the constant pressure to change, Linda always felt she wasn’t good enough for God’s love. Discovering that she was already perfect in God’s eyes was a moment of profound liberation and self-acceptance for her.

The Bible, often seen as a roadmap for moral and spiritual perfection, can be reinterpreted through this lens of truth. Instead of seeing our mistakes and flaws as signs of failure, this perspective invites us to view them as essential parts of our human walk, opportunities for grace and growth that deepen our faith journey in Christ. 

Passages that were once seen as directives for change take on a new meaning, revealing a God who loves and accepts us unconditionally, without demanding change. This approach frees us from the burden of striving for an unattainable perfection.

The realization that we are already perfect in God’s eyes because of our union with Christ can transform how we view ourselves and our faith journey. It releases the pressure of self-improvement and opens the door to a more authentic and loving relationship with ourselves and with God. This new understanding allows us to embrace our true selves, flaws and all, knowing that in our Father’s eyes, we are already complete.

Embracing this truth has significant implications for our interactions and relationships. It encourages us to view others also as inherently perfect, fostering a culture of acceptance and understanding. This perspective can lead to more compassionate and empathetic interactions, reducing judgment and criticism in our communities.

Embracing our inherent perfection as seen through God’s eyes, let’s confidently proceed to our next profound truth, further exploring the vastness of our Father’s love.

Profound Truth #6: Unconditional Acceptance: God’s Love Without Boundaries

As we venture into our sixth profound truth, we encounter a transformative revelation: God’s love transcends all human-imposed limitations and conditions. This truth reveals a divine love that embraces every being, thought, and creation unconditionally, challenging the conventional boundaries often placed by religious teachings.

In contrast to many traditional religious views that define who is worthy of God’s love and who is not, this profound truth presents a God whose love is boundless and inclusive. It paints a picture of a God whose love extends to all, without discrimination based on creed, race, gender, or any other human distinction. Every being is enveloped in this love, a love that accepts unconditionally without categorizing or excluding.

This expansive understanding of God’s love can profoundly impact people’s lives. Michael’s story, for example, shows the transformational power of experiencing such inclusive love. Raised in a strict religious church, Michael struggled with the concept of exclusive divine love.

His perspective shifted dramatically when he encountered a diverse community that practiced unconditional acceptance, mirroring the boundless love of God. This experience led Michael to embrace and advocate for inclusivity and acceptance in various facets of his life.

Traditionally, sin and human errors are seen as barriers to God’s love. However, under the light of unconditional acceptance, these are reinterpreted as part of our human journey, embraced within God’s encompassing love. This perspective does not dismiss the consequences of actions but emphasizes God’s transformative love in addressing and redeeming our shortcomings.

To further explore this, we can consider that divine judgment, often perceived as punitive in traditional doctrines, is instead an expression of this unconditional love. It is a corrective and restorative process, aiming to guide and heal rather than to condemn.

The realization of God’s boundless love compels us to view others through a lens of unconditional acceptance, fostering a culture of understanding and compassion in our communities. It challenges us to transcend our biases and preconceived notions, creating an environment where everyone is valued for their inherent worth.

Understanding that we are unconditionally loved and accepted by God inspires us to live more compassionately and inclusively. It influences our relationships, making us more empathetic and less judgmental, and reflects God’s unconditional love in our daily interactions.

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Profound Truth #7: The Liberating Power of True Unconditional Love

In this adventure of our exploration, we delve into the most profound truth: the liberating power of God’s unconditional love. This love, often unacknowledged in traditional religious teachings, holds the key to true freedom. It’s a love that releases us from the fears and constraints typically associated with religious expectations and judgments.

Envision a love that transcends all barriers, a love that does not hinge on fulfilling conditions or meeting standards. This is God’s love – a love that embraces us in our entirety, with all our imperfections, and declares us whole and cherished. It’s a love that doesn’t just accept us; it liberates us.

One vivid example is Ethan’s story. For years, Ethan struggled under the weight of feeling unworthy and unloved by God, burdened by a misconception of a conditional divine love. When he embraced the truth of God’s unconditional love, it was like breaking free from chains. This realization empowered Ethan to live a life marked by joy and peace, no longer plagued by the fear of divine rejection.

This understanding of our Father’s unconditional love challenges the religious view that divine love is something we must earn. It rejects the notion that God’s love is a reward for good behavior or right belief. Instead, it asserts that God’s love is an ever-present reality, unconditional and all-encompassing.

However, God’s unconditional love doesn’t eliminate the need for repentance and transformation. Rather, it transforms them, showing us that true change stems from the joy and acceptance found in God’s love, not from fear of punishment.

The impact of this truth on an individual level is monumental. Realizing that you are unconditionally loved by God can transform how you view yourself and your place in the world. It encourages a shift from self-judgment to self-acceptance, fostering a healthier and more loving relationship with oneself and others.

Understanding God’s unconditional love also addresses the concern that it may lead to moral complacency. This love inspires us to live in a way that reflects our inherent worth, not out of obligation but as a natural expression of our identity in Christ.

On a broader scale, understanding and accepting this unconditional love can lead to significant societal transformation. It inspires a more empathetic and inclusive approach to our relationships, fostering communities where love and acceptance are the foundations.

Reflecting on the seven profound truths of God’s love, we carry with us profound insights that can revolutionize not only our faith but our entire outlook on life. Each step of this journey has unveiled aspects of God’s unconditional love that challenge traditional religious beliefs and open doors to a deeper and more authentic relationship with God the Father. 

Let the truths of God’s unconditional love inspire and guide your daily life, reshaping your relationships, perspectives, and responses to life’s challenges. This journey is not just about knowledge; it’s about living in the reality of a love that knows no bounds.

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