Discover How To Fall Madly In Love With Your Abba Father And Experience The Wonder Of His Blissful Peace, Power And Purpose — Without All The Overwhelm Or Devoting Yourself To More "Spiritual" Disciplines!

Grace Gaze Academy is world's foremost hub with SIMPLE and EASY to understand teachings that awaken your spirit and make your heart sing. Members enjoy spirit-lifting, God-filled stories and teachings that stoke your inner fires and unlock peace, joy and hope in next to no time! 

Fall madly in love with Abba Father by receiving celebrations of God's unconditional love and grace. Currently enrolment is closed. But don't worry. You can sign up today so you get notified when doors open. Just enter your name and email below to get on the waiting list now so you don't miss the Grand Opening Special: 

Here’s what people are saying about the Academy:

Barbara Lane

Medical Assistant

I felt born again again. No struggle with sin anymore!

Over the years religious teaching crept in and caused me to fall into a shame and condemnation cycle. I lost my joy, confidence in God's love for me. It has been painful. But as I have been listening to these teachings I literally felt as if a ton of bricks had come off my body. I felt born again again. I have not had any struggle with sin ever since

Rowan Fields

Patrol Officer

FINALLY! I experience peace and freedom! 

I've often wondered, "there must be more then this to Christian life." After hearing Bas' teaching I thought: "FINALLY! someone who made it simple!" He confirmed what I knew deep down all along. Now, I'm not judging and condemning people anymore and I experience a deep peace and freedom!

Dahlia Peters


Enjoying God and live totally free! 

I used to believe that I had to perform a certain way for God to accept and like me. These teachings helped me to enjoy my relationship with God not based on my performance even though I make mistakes. I live more holy and righteous than ever before by living from my divine identity. I don't struggle with sin any more - I live totally free!

what you get

Here’s Why You Should Put On a Ski Mask, Lower Yourself from the Ceiling On a Wire Like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, To Steal A Spot in Grace Gaze Academy! 

Living Your Life To The Fullest

You’ll learn how to walk out the full joy and freedom that Jesus Christ purchased for you on the cross so that you take risks, pursue your passions and utilize your God-given talents and abilities with not-seen-before boldness and confidence.

Loving God All-Around

You’ll learn how to see God's wrath and judgment through a love-lens that will ignite a white-hot zeal and passion for who He REALLY is.

Living Fear-Doubt-And-Worry Free

You’ll learn how to guarantee you are not among those that say “Lord, Lord did we not…” and hear Him say "I never knew you, depart from Me" ...even in the midst of failures and lust for this world so that you'll experience deep peace and freedom.

Resting in Christ

You'll learn how to truly rest in Him and still accomplish purpose and actions in Him so that you'll feel satisfied and purposeful.

Feeling Joyful And Fulfilled

You’ll learn how to be joyful and fulfilled in the midst of great weakness.

Living Guilt-Anxiety-And Nervous Free 

You’ll learn how to never feel guilty, anxious and nervous anymore about things you think you should be doing but don't not helping save people from hell by sharing Jesus.

Fulfilling God's Will

You’ll learn how to fulfill God’s highest will for your life so that you'll never have a single doubt or worry again whether you do His will or not.

Being Naturally Supernatural

You’ll learn how to walk in confidence and operate in God's supernatural power so that you'll be doing the works of Jesus and greater— healing the sick, casting out demons and raising the dead— you'll bring the Kingdom where-ever you set foot. 

Walking In Strong Faith

You’ll learn how to never lose your faith but only grow strong in it, so that you'll see your prayers answered and your mountain-moving faith manifest everywhere you go

Enjoying God

You’ll learn how to never displease and disappoint Godever again.... and start to deeply enjoy Him you'll feel like a new-born Christian. 

Experiencing deep peace

You'll learn how to "lock-in" and secure your salvation with an iron-clad seal so that you'll happily rest in the fact your name is not blotted out of the Book of Life and experience deep-and-lasting peace like never before.

Enjoying Life

You'll learn how to live a life true to yourself, not the life others expect of you so that you don't end up with painful-unfulfilled-potential-and-dreams-regrets on your deathbed like most people.  

Sign Up Now To Get On The Waiting List So You Don't Miss The Grand Opening Special!

Join the waiting list to be notified for the opening!

Currently enrolment is closed. But don't worry. You can sign up today so you get notified when doors open. Just enter your name and email to get on the waiting list so you don't miss the Grand Opening Special!  

All-You-Can-Eat Buffet Of Courses

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Grace Gaze Academy is an all-you-can-eat buffet with a wide variety of delicious course topics on the menu.

At any time, you come to the buffet, choose a course you want to watch or listen to ... and find yourself...  

... falling madly in love with your Abba Father...

... experiencing inexplicable, heaven-chill-down-your-spine encounters...

... experiencing the thrill and wonder of His blissful peace, presence and purpose like never before.

Feasting on just one of the many lessons that are in these courses, is like taking a monthly vacation to Venice, Italy. You'll love it!  

Identity In Christ Made Simple 
Hell And Judgment Made Simple 
Sin And Forgiveness Made Simple 
Freedom In Christ Made Simple 
Prayer And Intercession Made Simple 
Eternal Security Made Simple 
God's Highest Will Made Simple 
Healing And Deliverance Made Simple 
End Times Made Simple 
Losing Salvation Made Simple 
Difficult Scriptures Made Simple 
God's Wrath Made Simple 
Satan And Demons Made Simple 
Victorious Living Made Simple 

.... Plus Many More Courses Are Found On The Menu!

So simple, yet so profound and liberating — it should be illegal!

Here’s what people are saying about the courses

Here are some happy customer comments how the teachings helped them...

Marie Fisher


Now I am willing to die for the Gospel!

I never understood why people would want to die for the Gospel. I know it sounds big, but now, after I've heard the true Gospel explained by Bas, I can say I'm willing to die for the Gospel!

Carl Numan

Hotel Manager

I am more open and productive

I struggled with guilt and condemnation because I thought I didn't measure up in God's eyes and that He wasn't happy with me. These teachings helped me to live from a place of peace and rest. This enabled me to share my emotions and be more open to my wife. I am also more productive in my job because I am not consumed with my false identity any more. 

Gary Howard


WOW, I get it! Now I really understand it

I've heard many times about the importance of Jesus' work on the cross, but now I really understand it in my heart and not just with my head. It was like, "WOW, I get it!A veil has been lifted and the Word of God has become more accessible to me. Thank you Bas!

Be that human torch ignited with the flaming Spirit of the living God!

About the Author

Bas is just like you—but you may know him as international speaker and teacher.  By utilizing his teaching gift, he's helped over 1,271,353 Christians rapidly crush condemnation, guilt, shame and anxiety under their feet, make their heart sing, and their life radiate with God's love, joy, peace and hope by sharing God's unconditional love and grace. 

Bas is the right person to be teaching these courses because he truly makes the complicated simple! His messages are short, sweet and packed with truth! No hype. No fluff. No "bad news". Just 100% pure grace teachings without a single ounce of religious swizzle. And he's just a nice guy who really cares about people. 

His students learn to relax and enjoy life as he masterfully helps to demolish lies and strongholds of thinking and replace them with God's-empowering-and-liberating-truth. Sitting at Bas' feet is like stepping into a jacuzzi filled with heavenly-aroma-bath-bombs that makes you feel a brand-new person!

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