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Bas Rijksen

Do you worry that your dreams might not align with My will? Let Me reveal the truth and ease your fears. Welcome, My child. This isn’t just any message. It’s a love letter from your Abba Father.

My Beloved,

I know there is a thread of worry that tugs at your heart—the fear that your deepest desires might not align with My will. This fear, much like a persistent shadow on a sunny day, suggests a false separation between your personal aspirations and My intentions for you. Yet, within My vast, comforting embrace lies a profound truth: our unity is so complete that your true desires are like echoes in a vast canyon, naturally reverberating with My will.

My child, your life in Christ isn’t about wandering aimlessly, trying to find My will. It’s kinda like a tree that doesn’t strain to grow; it simply flourishes where it’s planted, nourished by the sunlight and rain. For too long, religious doctrines have distorted this truth, painting My will as a mysterious, distant, almost unattainable aspect of faith. You were taught to seek, find, and cautiously tread within the bounds of this will, promoting a narrative of fear and dependence. But in reality, you are My beloved child, and we are one. Your desires and My will are intimately connected, not separate entities.

Think of Rebecca, who once believed her dream of becoming an artist was selfish and not “aligned with My will.” Her journey is like a painter standing before a canvas, unsure if her strokes align with the greater picture intended by the artist. But just as a painter trusts their instincts, Rebecca began to see her creative aspirations not as personal whims but divine inspirations, much like the wind that shapes the dunes—unseen, yet powerfully transformative. Through deepening her relationship with Me, she realized that My will was not a distant, unknowable path but an intimate journey where her passions and My purposes met.

A pivotal verse often cited to suggest a distant God is from Isaiah: “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways” (Isaiah 55:8). This perspective is like looking through an old, clouded window—distorted and unclear. Through our New Covenant, this window is wiped clean, revealing a stunning clarity: “My will is your will. My thoughts are your thoughts. Your desires are My desires.” Living in My will thus becomes as natural as breathing, unburdened by fears of misdirection or failure.

Reflect on Eric, a businessman who struggled with the concept of “aligning” his professional goals with My will. His story is like a gardener learning that the best fruits are those that grow naturally, without forced intervention. Through “Miracle Manifest,” Eric discovered that his entrepreneurial skills and desire to create a positive work environment were not in opposition to My will but an effortless expression of it. In harmonizing his business practices with integrity and compassion, he found that his professional life became a living testament to his understanding of My presence within him.

My beloved, there’s no need to “align” your desires with a perceived separate will of Mine or “surrender” your aspirations as if they were separate from My essence. Such notions misrepresent the nature of our relationship and create unnecessary barriers between you and the fullness of life in Christ. These teachings often propagated by religious institutions distort the true essence of living in union with Me. They instill a sense of separation and unworthiness, painting Me as a distant figure whose will is a puzzle to be solved.

The pervasive and stubborn lie that “You must trust in My perfect timing and My perfect plan for your life” implies a passivity and lack of agency that contradicts the dynamic nature of our relationship. This belief undermines the empowering truth that we are co-creators, actively shaping your life in partnership with Me. It’s a fallacy that has left many believers in a passive state of waiting, rather than in active pursuit of the life that I have already ordained for you.

It’s time to dismantle these man-made constructs that have long shackled you in a cycle of uncertainty and inadequacy. The spiritual reality is that in our unity, your desires are inherently harmonized with Mine, for I am the source from which they spring. These misleading doctrines serve only to distance you from the empowering truth of your divine inheritance and the reality of your existing unity with Me. In recognizing this, you move away from the servitude mindset and step into the freedom and fullness of your divine sonship, where your desires are not only accepted but celebrated as expressions of My will manifesting in your life.

These misconceptions about needing to “align your heart and desires with My will,” “surrender your will to Me,” and “seek My will” are not just baseless, but fundamentally distort our relationship. At the heart of understanding My will is recognizing our indissoluble union. The scriptural truth that “he who is joined to the Lord is one spirit with Him” (1 Corinthians 6:17) is kinda like a river flowing into the ocean—inseparable and ever-connected. Your aspirations for health, prosperity, and loving relationships are not divergent from My plan but are direct reflections of My will for abundance, healing, and love in your life.

“He gives you the desire of your heart and makes all your plans succeed” (Psalm 37:4). This scriptural promise is like a beacon of light, guiding you through the fog of doubt and fear, illuminating the path to your true destiny. It is not about molding your desires to fit a preconceived notion of what is divine but recognizing that in our unity, your deepest yearnings are infused with My divine purpose.

Scriptures like 1 John 5:14-15, which speak of “asking anything according to His will,” have been deeply misunderstood. This is not a command to doubt your desires, nor to fear the false idea that you might not be asking according to My will—but rather a confirmation of our harmonious unity. In the union of your heart with My love, your prayers transcend mere requests; they become powerful affirmations of My will already at work in your life. This scripture encourages you to embrace our unity, fully confident that your prayers, rooted in the assurance of My love, are always in perfect harmony with My will.

In summary, remember this profound truth: You and I are one. Your desires are My desires, your heartbeats in rhythm with Mine. Trust in this unity, and watch as your life unfolds in the beauty of our shared purpose.

The journey of faith is thus not a precarious walk on a tightrope of divine approval, but a confident stride in the freedom and fullness of My grace. It’s like embarking on an open road under a clear blue sky, where every turn brings a new horizon into view, revealing landscapes ripe with possibility and promise. Your desires for health, wealth, and fulfilling relationships are divine inspirations, guiding you towards the life I envision for you. These aspirations are akin to seeds planted in fertile soil, destined to sprout and flourish under the nurture of My provisions. In this realization, you liberate yourself from the fear and fallacy of misaligned wills and embrace the truth of your divine resonance with Me.

Your Abba, Father.

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