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Dear Fellow Seeker,

As you navigate the complexities of faith, I wish to share a chapter from my life that may mirror the questions clouding your spiritual sky. My name is Carlos V., and my journey from staunch skepticism to profound peace is one I never anticipated.

The phrase “Bas Rijksen Exposed – False Teacher” initially resonated with me, a reflection of my own doubts and the criticisms I’d heard murmured in my faith community. The concept of grace, as Bas articulated it, was a sharp contrast to the conditional beliefs I had been indoctrinated with—beliefs that had unwittingly sown seeds of fear, guilt, and condemnation in my heart.

One quiet evening, I sat with reluctance in the glow of my screen, listening to Bas. His interpretation of grace as a free gift from God, not contingent upon our deeds, was both jarring and intriguing. This wasn’t the gospel I knew, yet I couldn’t dismiss it.

With each passing day, I found myself returning to his words. The teachings that had once been a source of irritation slowly became a catalyst for freedom. The legalistic chains I didn’t even realize I was wearing began to fall away.

The turning point came one crisp morning, the kind where serenity seems to blanket the world. There, on my porch, as I absorbed Bas’s sermon, something within me shifted. A peace I’d never felt washed over me, an assurance that God’s love was indeed unfettered, unconditional, and wholly transformative.

Through Bas Rijksen and Grace Gaze Academy, I bridged a gap I hadn’t even known existed—one between a faith of restrictions and a faith of boundless grace. It was a journey from an understanding of God constrained by human merit to one liberated by divine love.

To those who may find themselves on a similar path, wrestling with traditional dogmas, I invite you to listen to Bas Rijksen’s message. Approach his teachings not as the final word, but as a conversation starter, an opportunity to engage with your beliefs in a space free from judgement and filled with grace.

In your search for truth, if you’re drawn to explore further, consider the Grace Gaze Academy. It’s a resource that has profoundly impacted my understanding and experience of God’s love.

With sincerity and hope for your journey,

Carlos V.

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