Eternal Security Made Simple

Hi ! Are you wrestling with the intricacies of eternal security in your Christian faith? Welcome to your calming harbor, "Eternal Security Made Simple."

In this journey of understanding, we'll decipher the complex notion of eternal security, often misunderstood or misrepresented. Consider this as your compass, guiding you to a simple yet profound grasp of this vital theological concept.

Hold tight as we confront these sophisticated ideas, dismiss confusion, and welcome a reassuring and comprehensive understanding of the promise of eternal security.

Ready to journey from feeling uncertain to experiencing profound peace and assurance? As we simplify this doctrine together, you'll find more than just intellectual clarity - you'll discover an emotional tranquility, a sense of spiritual security, and a strengthened trust in God's unchanging promises.

Let's transition from being merely knowledgeable Christians to confident believers in God's eternal promises, shall we? And remember, in our quest for understanding, no theological question is too daunting to decipher!

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Upcoming Teachings

Below you find a list of upcoming teachings in "Eternal Security Made Simple". New content is added every single month, so check back for more!  

can you lose your salvation? 

Faithful unto death? what if i'm not? 

why do you call me "lord, lord" (Luke 6:46)

are unfruitful branches cut off and thrown into the fire? 

the endurance of the saints 

can you fall from your secure position? (2 Peter 3:17)

have i committed the unforgivable sin? 

does 2 peter 2 say you can lose your salvation? 

how do i know i'm saved? 

what if i deny jesus?

... And many More To Come!