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Bas Rijksen

Have you ever felt like you’re never enough for Me? Let Me assure you otherwise. Welcome, my child. This isn’t just any message. It’s a love letter from your Abba Father.

My Beloved, 

Imagine a world where every burden, every debt, is lifted from your shoulders, and you are free to live fully and joyfully. Picture the relief of being released from a lifetime of obligations. How would you feel if every burden of owing something was suddenly erased? This is what My grace offers you. Feel the weight lift off your shoulders as you step into a new realm of freedom and peace.

My dear one, the world often tells you that you must repay every favor, that you owe something in return for every gift you receive. You’ve heard the message: “Jesus died for you, so what can you do for Him?” This, my beloved, is a distortion of the truth. My Son’s sacrifice was not an exchange to bind you in debt but a gift to set you free. But what if true freedom lies in simply receiving without the pressure to repay? Stay with me to discover this liberating truth. It’s like a refreshing breeze on a scorching day, offering relief without asking for anything in return.

Grace is not about keeping score. Earthly transactions demand repayment, but My grace comes without strings attached. Think of it like a parent giving their child a gift—there’s no expectation of repayment, just the joy of giving. Jesus’ sacrifice is not an item on a ledger; it’s a gift of boundless love. Imagine you’re a child given a present just because you are loved. There’s no tally of dues, no cosmic checklist that measures your worthiness. You are cherished and valued beyond measure, simply because you are Mine.

Remember the Jubilee, a sacred time when all debts were forgiven? Grace is your eternal Jubilee. It’s not a temporary relief but a permanent state of liberation. Think of it like a reset button on life, where every mistake and every misstep is wiped clean, giving you a fresh start. Imagine your heaviest burdens lifted, your deepest debts erased forever. It’s not just about reducing your burdens; it’s about total liberation. 

Picture yourself being freed from a prison cell where you’ve been unjustly held. The door swings open, and you step out into the light, free and unburdened. Imagine living in a world where every debt, every mistake, and every sin is erased. That’s the reality of My grace. It’s complete, absolute, and irrevocable.

Think of grace as a beautiful, undeserved gift. When you receive a present, you don’t ask how to repay it—you simply accept it with joy and gratitude. It’s kinda like a surprise party thrown just for you—there’s no expectation, just pure celebration of who you are. That’s how I want you to embrace My grace. 

It’s an invitation to a new way of life, free from the constant pressure to prove your worth. Visualize receiving an unexpected gift that changes your life, bringing joy and hope. With Jesus, it’s not about repayment but about living in the freedom of His love.

So, My precious child, let this truth sink deeply into your heart: Jesus’ sacrifice was never about putting you in a position of owing Him. It was always about freeing you from the burdens you carry. Embrace this liberating grace and let it transform your life. Live in the light of this truth: you are free, fully and completely. Imagine stepping into a new day, unburdened and filled with hope, because you have embraced the gift of grace. Embrace the gift of grace, and let it transform your life. Feel the warmth of my love surrounding you, guiding you, and giving you strength every step of the way.

Consider the parable of the prodigal son. When he returned home, expecting punishment and repayment, his father instead ran to him, embraced him, and celebrated his return. This is how I see you—no debt to repay, just a welcome home filled with joy and love. 

You don’t need to earn My love or repay it. Just as the sun rises each morning without your effort, My love and grace are renewed for you every day. Imagine each sunrise as a reminder of My unwavering love, a promise that you are cherished anew each day.

With all My love,

Your Abba, Father

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Begin each morning with divine inspiration and a strengthened faith. Just comment below and see your life transform, one letter at a time. 

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