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Discover How To Fall Madly In Love With Your Abba Father And Experience The Wonder of His Blissful Peace, Presence and Purpose — Without All The Overwhelm or Devoting Yourself To More "Spiritual" Disciplines! 

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  • Fall Madly In Love With Your Abba Father
    100% Tested & proven to change your life through spirit-lifting love letters from Abba Father—guaranteed to unlock love, joy, peace and hope in under 3 minutes a day.  
  • Experience The Wonder Of God's Blissful Embrace
    Hundreds of personlized, hand-lettered notes from God turns your life into a sweet and joyful place to be—wrapped in your heavenly Father's arms—so you never have to guess again if your relationship and love for God deepens all-around... or not.  
  • Experience Heavenly-Chill-Down-Your-Spine Encounters
    The best, most faith-and-love-igniting, awe-inspiring content and daily affirmations that continually empower you to be more than you ever dreamed you could be!
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      Long-Waited, Revolutionary And Mind-Opening Teachings

      • Enjoying God
        You'll learn how to walk in the full joy and freedom that Jesus Christ purchased for you, grow strong in faith and deeply enjoy God with a red-hot zeal and passion like never before.
      • Enjoying Life
        You'll learn how to live a life true to yourself, not the life others expect of you—as you take risks, pursue your passions and utilize your God-given talents and abilities with not-seen-before boldness and confidence.
      • Enjoying Purpose                                                                       You'll learn how to fulfill God's highest will and purpose for your life, walk in His supernatural power doing the works of Jesus and greater and truly rest in Christ while you still accomplish purpose and action in Him with a deep sense of inexpressible joy and satisfaction. 

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      End Times Made Simple

      Sin And Forgiveness Made Simple

      Losing Salvation Made Simple

      Freedom In Christ Made Simple

      Difficult Scriptures Made Simple

      Prayer & Intercession Made Simple

      God's Wrath Made Simple

      Eternal Security Made Simple

      Satan And Demons Made Simple

      God's Highest Will Made Simple

      Victorious Living Made Simple

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      Over the years religious teaching crept in and caused me to fall into a shame and condemnation cycle. I lost my joy, confidence in God's love for me. It has been painful. But as I have been listening to these teachings I literally felt as if a ton of bricks had come off my body. I felt born again again. I have not had any struggle with sin ever since

      Barbara Lane / Medical Assistant

      I believed God was measuring my performance to a perfect standard and I never measured up. I felt burdened and condemned. After hearing Bas' teaching I feel very confident in my relationship with God knowing that everything between God and me is OK. Even in situations of stress I have such an incredible peace.

      Martie Batts / Chauffeur

      I had wrong mindsets of beliefs which made my life not as free as it could have been. Through Bas' teaching I experience God in a whole new level. It's like a start of a whole new adventure for me. I always wanted to live life to the fullest with God. Now I realize it is possible because of the finished work of the cross. I can live a fully free and satisfying life!

      Suzie Kerr / Discipler & Coach