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How To Enjoy Your Life In Christ And Get Things Done — Without All The Overwhelm!

Learn how to live a joyful, satisfied and purposeful life - a life with Jesus in the center ...even if you're busy like a bee and the world is on fire!

Discover how to live a joyful, satisfied and purposeful life ...even when you're busy like a bee and the world is on fire — without all the overwhelm!

There's much to do...

And there never seems to be enough time, especially for things like prayer, Bible study, witnessing, etc.

You've tried to set goals, get yourself psyched up with a positive mental attitude and commit yourself to do more “spiritual” activities.

After a few weeks, you fizzle. You just can't seem to keep the promises you make to yourself ...or to God.

As a result, you experience that yucky feeling of failing ...again! 

Deep down you know "there must be more then this to Christian life!" 

You've attended many church services and perhaps tried half a dozen different steps and principles in order to experience the ABUNDANT life promised by Christ...

... you just want to FEEL ... more love, joy and peace ... (heck, ANY fruit of the Spirit would be great to experience daily)...

 ... But the truth is you just can't seem to devote yourself to do more “spiritual” activities.

At times, you're even feeling a little disgusted with yourself and your inability to keep up the “good work.”

You feel like no matter how much you do, you never do enough!

But it's not your fault!

You see, most "Christian" teachings out there is religious mumbo-jumbo - it's a mixture of grace and law.

Mixing grace with law is the quickest way to a guilt-condemnation-and-fear-trip for it promotes the idea that you are never doing enough... 

Let me be blunt with you: 

***Religion IS as serious as cancer!***

No matter how much you do or how many “spiritual” activities you practice, religious teachings make you believe that you never... 

... prioritise God enough...

... love God enough...

... pray enough... 

... read the Bible enough...

... are good enough...

... do enough.

Basically, you always fall short and keep running in circles like a hamster on a hamster-wheel.

As a result, you experience that yucky feeling of guilt, condemnation and fear because you are not doing enough! 

It's saps your energy ...and confidence.  

It's plain TIRING! 

There does not seem to be a way out.

In fact, it will only get worse! 

Here's why... 

Because religious teachings will keep you in a place which can be compared to the man adrift at sea in a life raft. 

Because he is dying of thirst, he begins to drink the seawater around him.

The salt water causes him to become increasingly thirsty and his thirst causes him to drink more seawater.

This vicious cycle will ultimately bring DEATH!

(that cancer analogy was no joke!)

This will be the fate of anybody who believes that doing more is the remedy for his thirst.

It's not that you are to become passive, but God offers a much better way for you to live!

(after all, HE is the one who promised "abundant life" right?!)...

... So what if you CAN enjoy your life in Christ to the full and experience life in abundance — without all the overwhelm? 

... What if you CAN throw off those guilt-condemnation-and-fear-shackles once for all — without using any formulas or steps? 

... What if you CAN continuously experience the wonder of God's blissful PEACE, PRESENCE and PURPOSE even when you're busy like a bee and the world is on fire — without devoting yourself to more "spiritual" disciplines? 

... What if you CAN stop looking for the encounter of a lifetime and start living a lifetime of encounter

Have I some GOOD NEWS for you! 

Introducing... The Radical Freedom Course

FINALLY... the Gospel made ridiculously simple and profoundly uncomplicated!

This online Radical Freedom Course will rapidly crush condemnation, guilt, shame and anxiety under your feet, make your heart sing, and your life radiate with God's love, joy, peace and hope!

Say hello to feeling truly FREE like a bird in the big blue sky...and goodbye to feeling overwhelmed, stuck and worn out. 

Enroll now and lock in your discount !

Here's What You'll Get When You Sign Up

This image is for illustration purposes only. This product is a digital download not a physical product, giving you immediate access to the content.

High Quality

The course is made up of 55 high quality video teachings. The videos are saved on a server nearby your house so you have fast streaming. The course is accessible everywhere in the world.

Transformational Truth

Each video contains easily digestible lessons with transformational truth and have an average length of 30 minutes. Plus, there is an introduction video and a video with concluding thoughts.

Video & Audio

All the videos are also available as audio messages so you can either watch the videos or listen to the audio. Both the MP4 Video + MP3 Audio are downloadable unto your computer.

Immediate Access

The course is a digital product giving you immediate access to the content via an online membership area. 

24/7 Lifetime Access 

You can watch the teachings when you want and where you want because not only do you have 24/7 access to the membership area,  it is also mobile compatible. You have lifetime access so that you can digest the course at your own pace, any time you wish.

Learn With Others 

Under each video there’s a comment section. This is the place where you can share your thoughts, ask questions or respond to other people’s comments.

And That's Not All ...You'll Also Get:

  • Each lesson comes with an eBook in the form of a Slide Deck.
  • Full transcript available of each training video.
  • You save a ton of time writing.
  • Easy access under each video in the resource section.
  • Downloadable as a pdf unto your smart device or computer.
  • Ability to read along with the teachings and make personal notes.

Here's Why You Should Crawl Across Broken Glass On Your Naked Knees To Enroll Right Now!

Flow In The Unforced Rhythms Of Grace Producing Much Fruit Without Striving

Are you flowing in the unforced rhythms of grace producing much fruit without striving? Experience first hand the difference between “window shopping” the promises and “mirror-gazing” the truth. God wants you to experience Him as a soothing rhythm of grace. He just wants you to enjoy Him, knowing that everything else in your life will flow out of that.

Experience Intimacy With God Every Day Of Your Life 

Do you want to experience the sweet presence of God in a deeper way than you ever have before? Immerse yourself in the love of your Heavenly Father as you discover the radical nature of His unconditional love. Explore the depths of grace poured out on the cross and you’ll start living in the freedom and victory that God has for you!

Walk In Heavenly Realities And Daily Supernatural Experiences

The only way for you to live a grace-filled life is to change the natural view of your Christian life into a supernatural one. This course helps you to bridge the gulf between earthly thinking and heavenly thinking. You start to see your life from heaven’s perspective and as a result operate in heavenly realities and have daily supernatural experiences.

Live A Stress-Free, Fulfilled And Happy Life - A Life With Jesus In The Center

With clear and simple explanations, this course will help you turn toward the love affair with God you were created for …as a relationship in which you exchange fear and obligation for delight and desire. Viewing your status as a new creation as the “new normal” – and live a remarkable life of impact with Jesus in the center.

Do More And Sweat Less By Allowing Jesus To Lead You Into Rest, Victory And Abundant Living! 

Here’s what people are saying about the course

Here are some happy customer comments how this course helped them to experience freedom from fear, guilt and condemnation ...feel content and confident ...and experience the sweet presence of God in a deeper way than ever before.

Martie Batts


I feel confident and an incredible peace! 

I believed God was measuring my performance to a perfect standard and I never measured up. I felt burdened and condemned. After hearing Bas' teaching I feel very confident in my relationship with God knowing that everything between God and me is OK. Even in situations of stress I have such an incredible peace.

Suzie Kerr

Discipler & Coach 

I can life a fully free and satisfying life! 

I had wrong mindsets of beliefs which made my life not as free as it could have been. Through Bas' teaching I experience God in a whole new level. It's like a start of a whole new adventure for me. I always wanted to live life to the fullest with God. Now I realize it is possible because of the finished work of the cross. I can live a fully free and satisfying life!

Jarod Martin


I can finally start living the life God desires from me.

All my years I have either been dragged to, or pressured into believing that “I have to or need to go to church.” All the while, feeling that a lot is missing in “church”. I find that your messages are exactly what I’ve felt all along. Finally… here’s someone that actually makes sense! Bas, God has definitely given you the gift of wisdom. Now, I can finally start living the life God desires from me.

Here's what included in this life-changing course! 

This ultimate teaching series will awaken your spirit and make your heart sing! You'll LOVE this!


Module 1: Radical Freedom Foundationals 

* You'll learn how radical freedom becomes a reality in your life. 

* You'll discover how to prevent condemnation and live in joyful freedom. 

* You'll learn about the ugly root of all guilt, condemnation and shame. 

* You'll get 30 simple comparisons between religion and christianity to secure your freedom.

* You'll learn Christianity is not a religion: it is the proclamation of the end of religion.

Total: 7 Videos 


Module 2: Radical Freedom Made Real 

* You'll learn the background story from bondage to freedom.

* You'll learn the stunning impact "It Is Finished" has on your freedom in life!

* You'll learn the 41 reasons to run like hell from the law! 

* You'll learn what the law really is. And what the purpose is of the law. 

* You'll learn if you as a Christian need to fulfill the law. 

* You'll learn what grace really is. And the two components of grace are revealed. 

Total: 7 Videos


Module 3: Radical Freedom Made Simple

* You'll learn how the Gospel of grace is the power of God for your every day life.

* You'll take a test to find out if you are hearing or preaching the pure Gospel of grace.

* You'll learn the one simple formula to spot toxic law-based teachings to avoid bondage. 

* You'll learn the one simple formula to spot grace-based teachings to enjoy your freedom. 

* You'll learn how to protect yourself from the "saved by grace, perfected by the flesh" trap. 

* You'll learn the 26 signs that you might be operating under the law and take a test to see how religious you are. 

Total: 7 Videos 


Module 4: Radical Freedom Made Radical

* You'll discover how shockingly radical your freedom in Christ really is! 

Total: 6 Videos 


Module 5: Radical Freedom Made Secure

* You'll learn 3 stories where Jesus reveals that grace leads to a life of freedom and joy (and not sin). 

* You'll learn if obeying the law gives you victory over sin. And if grace empowers you to keep the commandments. 

* You'll learn if you are striving on the narrow way or resting in the highway. 

* You'll learn how free you really are. And if you should keep any religious rules. 

* You'll learn the one truth that will set you free to live by faith in joyful freedom. 

* You'll learn how to love God more. And the two ways of looking at the love commands. 

* You'll learn how to have Christ as your first love in your life so that your lamp stand won't be removed. 

* You'll learn the one and only solution that brings lasting transformation in your life and that of your nation. 

Total: 8 Videos 


Module 6: Radical Freedom Made Practical

* You learn that if you are not under the Old Testament law, well, then, what use is the Old Testament? 

* You'll learn the danger of wanting to live by the teachings of the Bible. 

* You'll learn that you are designed to live by a life that transcends morals. 

* You'll learn the 3 reasons why asking yourself "What Would Jesus Do?" kills your faith. 

* You'll learn the mystery about balancing grace and truth in your life. 

* You'll learn what you were not told in Church about surrendering yourself to God. 

* You'll learn what is unveiled at last: the radical nature of how you bring God most glory. 

* You'll learn what the ultimate religious trap is: that you are not saved to serve God. 

Total: 10 Videos 


Module 7: Radical Freedom Used Wisely

* You'll learn about the radical news that brings freedom—that you cannot abuse grace nor go too far with it! 

* You'll learn what tithing looks like under Grace. And if you should do it. 

* You'll learn what giving looks like under grace. 

* You'll learn what church attendance looks like under grace. And if you should attend one. 

* You'll learn what fasting looks like under grace. And if you should do it. 

* You'll learn what observing the Sabbath day looks like under grace and if you should observe it. 

* You learn to avoid this one thing so that you'll be happily and effortlessly manifesting God's Kingdom on earth.

* You'll learn the fastest way for you to grow and enjoy life.

* You'll learn how to overcome sin and live in victory. 

* You'll learn how to use the radical freedom grace has given you. 

Total: 10 Videos


Grab these exclusive BONUSES when you sign up today!

If eight life-changing modules isn't enough to have you sign up, these FREE Bonuses will surely do the trick!

Here are all the goodies you get for FREE when you try my entire course... 

Bonus 1
How To Read The Bible Without Getting Confused And Feeling Condemned 

These two videos will end confusion and feeling condemned when reading your Bible by asking yourself THE one-million-dollar-question! 

Bonus 2
Say Hello To Being Right With God And Goodbye To Getting Right With God

This video will remove feelings of guilt, insecurity and fear by revealing the “secret sauce” about your right-ness with God and make you feel confident and secure in the midst of great weakness.

Bonus 3
Understand This One Thing And You'll Live A Fruitful Live

These two videos will give you REST in Christ and STILL accomplish purpose and actions in Him by understanding this ONE thing so that you’ll feel satisfied and purposeful. 

Bonus 4
How Does The Lord's Prayer Look Like Under Grace? And Should You Pray It? 

This video will boost your prayer life and ignite mountain-moving faith by unveiling the true meaning of the Lord’s prayer so that you’ll see your prayers answered without arm-twisting God and hot-blooded pleading with old camel knees.

Bonus 5
Why Christian Accountability Groups Are Awkward, Fail And Make Us Liars! 

This video will end feelings of “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not doing enough” and “I’m not good enough of a Christian” in the midst of failures!

Bonus 6
101 Mind Renewal Hacks 

This must-have cheat sheet with 101 mind renewal hacks will help you silence fear, anxiety and stress and ignite faith, rest and peace under 60 seconds a day.  

About The Course Teacher,
Bas Rijksen

Bas is just like you—but you may know him as international speaker and teacher. By utilizing his teaching gift, he's helped over 1,271,353 Christians rapidly crush condemnation, guilt, shame and anxiety under their feet, make their heart sing, and their life radiate with God's love, joy, peace and hope by sharing God's unconditional love and grace. 

Bas is the right person to be teaching this course because he truly makes the complicated simple! His messages are short, sweet and packed with truth! No hype. No fluff. No "bad news". Just 100% pure grace teachings without a single ounce of religious swizzle. And he's just a nice guy who really cares about people. 

His students learn to relax and enjoy life as he masterfully helps to demolish lies and strongholds of thinking and replace them with God's-empowering-and-liberating-truth. Sitting at Bas' feet is like stepping into a jacuzzi filled with heavenly-aroma-bath-bombs that makes you feel a brand-new person!

Here’s what people are saying about the course teacher

Here are some happy customer comments how the course teacher helped them... 

Gregg Pond


New freedom... Finally Good News! 

As a worn out, disconnected and former church member, I'm exited about my new freedom in Christ and learning how to walk in it.  Bas, your teaching is a breath of fresh air. Finally Good News!

Carrie Winthrop


So much peace and freedom!

Bas, this teaching has given me so much peace and freedom. It has truly liberated me from fear and condemnation. I didn’t know the truth of our identity in Christ was that simple, yet so profound. Thanks a bunch!

Carolyn Walters

Dental nurse

I was bathed in the presence of God

Thank you so very much for this inspired and anointed course Bas. It is not only liberating but the Holy Spirit is all over this as I was bathed in the presence of God as I went trough it. I praise God for showing you something that I had only guessed at and felt guilty about because it didn’t match up with the ‘theology’ of others. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Amen! I love it! 

How Do I Get Started?

How much do you think the Radical Freedom Course would run at a seminary or university level?




Whatever universities would charge, I'm sure it would be an arm and a leg.

You might know that most online seminary courses range from $300 to $600 per hour.

But today you are much better off!

In fact, if you enroll today, you don't get just the 55 high quality video teachings with life-changing truth ...you'll also get 6 bonuses.

The bonuses are: 7 Exclusive Videos and an eBook that comes with each video containing the script of the teachings.


So How Much Do I Pay For This Training?

Even though the Total Value Of Course and the 6 bonuses is: $397...

You pay LESS than one fourth of that.

You can get your hand on all the videos and the bonuses...

Not for $1450 

Not $997

Not $650.

You don't even pay the normal price $397.

You get everything for the low price of $97!

If you sign up now, you'll get the FULL course plus bonuses for:

$ 397  $97

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group license

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  • Lifetime Access
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  • One login for whole group
  • Save $58 p.p. w/ 5+ people

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 90-Days

I'm so confident you'll love the Radical Freedom course that if you are not 100% satisfied I'll gladly refund your payment within 90 days. You can even keep all the teaching materials, e-books and bonuses and as my gift to you! You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

Receive a full 100 percent refund of every penny you paid if you're not delighted in this life-changing course. You take no risk with this offer. So claim your spot while this limited-time offer is still available!  Click the "Enroll Now" button to get access today! 

Don’t wait! Look at what past students have to say about this course

Here's why past customers found that this course was absolutely the right decision and worth every penny!

Debra Grant



Wow, so many will take offence at the Gospel Truth. It's so CLEAR & SIMPLE how you bring it Bas. You’re saying things I’ve felt in my heart and now I see my gut feeling was right about religion being wrong. 

Amos Brendan

Police Officer

Learning to relax and enjoy life 

I am learning to relax and enjoy life from Bas! I am so excited about this teaching! Glad to be part of this community! 

Glenda Sanders

Financial Advisor

So grateful for simple and easy teaching!

I am SO grateful to you Bas for this great and clear teaching which I asked God for exactly 1 week ago!!! Thank you, Lord Jesus for this great gift of understanding! Simple and Easy! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a one-time charge for this course? 

There is a one-time charge because it requires money to create the course, to host the videos, and many hours of labor over several months.

And, Michelle and I are missionaries who rely on financial donations in order to eat, clothe ourselves and pay the bills.

So with your purchase you’ll be supporting a missionary family and their work in sharing the Gospel worldwide!

Can I pay for the course with Paypal? 

Yes. When you hit the red “Enroll Now” button, you will be taken to the payment page. You can use Paypal or a credit card.

I'm married. If I get the course, does my wife have to get her own to go through it? 

No. Your spouse has also access to the course if you enroll today. This doesn’t apply to friends, however, only to couples.

What If I don't like the training course? 

I want to help you learn, not to make you unhappy; just send me an email within 90 days after purchase and I’ll refund you immediately, no questions asked. 

Can I download the audios and put them on my iPod or iPhone? 

Yes. Once you have access to the course, you can download each audio session and put them on your smart devices or computer.

I'm taking the course right now and the messages are blowing me away. This is meeting a big need in my life and I want my friends to know about it. How can I share it with them?

Easy. Just have them visit the Grace Gaze website: http://gracegaze.com/ - here they'll enter their name and email and I'll introduce them to the course via email - thank you! 

Before I get it, can I read what other people are saying about the course?

Yes, you can read testimonials on this page which are from people who have gone through this course or sat in a class hearing the same message you are about to hear and they are finding it to be absolutely life-changing and worth ever penny!

Who is the educator?

Bas is a husband, dad and international teacher with a passion for helping others meet the authentic grace and love of Jesus. 

Click here if you still want to know more about Bas. 

Click here to listen what people say about his teaching. 

When I get the course today, how long will I have access to it?

You will always have access to it. There is no expiration date. So you can start it today and finish it 5 years from now, if you want.

I want my small group and church to take the Radical Freedom Course? Is there a Group License I can use?

Yes. Your price is $397 $297 for your entire group. All the members of your group are allowed to be given access with the private login information. Even if your church or Bible study group has only 5 members, if you all chip in equally, you SAVE $38 per person – that is 40% OFF. If your group has more than 5 people, the price is even better. Just click the red "Enroll Now" under “Group License.”

How long is the course?

All together, the course messages are just under 28 hours total. Again, you can go through the course at your own pace, and it’s always available to you so you don't have to rush :)

If I get the course, do I have to complete it within a certain time frame?

No, you can work through it at your own pace at any time and from any place.

I'm halfway through the course and I must say there are things I've never heard before in Church. In fact, I've never heard anyone talk about this. Now I see it so clearly in the Bible. Why is this? 

Well, you are right in that 100% pure Grace teaching is not commonly taught these days. One reason, I believe, is that most preachers still read and interpret the Bible through an old covenant lens. Plus many just read and follow the popular contemporary scholars and preachers of our time. So they are merely repeating what they’ve heard and read, thus miss out on this critical dimension of “grace-filled living.”

How can I best contact you, Bas?

You can best contact me via email: support@gracegaze.com

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  • Lifetime Access
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  • 55 High Quality Videos
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  • 24/7 Access Members Site
  • 6 Amazing Bonuses
  • One login for whole group
  • Save $58 p.p. w/ 5+ people

You Are In The Right Place ...At The Right Time! 

My friend, I believe you are in the right place at the right time!

If you take your relationship with God serious - and I know you do - then this course is for you! 

Your spirit will go “ahhh”…

Your mind will go "WOW, I get it!"...

You’ll be confirmed what you knew deep down all along... 

You'll be proved right about religion being wrong... 

You'll be amazed how simple the truth is, yet so profound... 

You'll be surprised how happy Good News makes you feel and want to dance like nobody's watching... (after all, knowing the truth sets you FREE right?!)

You'll be FINALLY liberated from doubt, fear and unbelief and ooze with love, joy, peace and hope like never before!  

Don’t wait! Come soak in the Radical Freedom Course Jacuzzi filled with heavenly-aroma-bath-bombs that makes you feel a brand-new person!  

Just click the "Enroll Now" button now!

I'll see you at the inside :) 

In His embrace, 

- Bas "Your Freedom In Christ Buddy" Rijksen 

Grace Gaze

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