How to Cultivate Unwavering Faith and Passionately Love God, Yourself, and Others Through The Divine Mirror Method

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From the desk of Bas Rijksen


Dear Friend in Faith, 

Has the vastness of God's love seemed just out of reach?

Burdened by fear, guilt, or the maze of biblical teachings?

Yearning to experience His grace and deepen the bond with your loved ones?

My Personal Struggle and Revelation 

I'm Bas Rijksen. For over two decades, I grappled with my relationship with God.

The fear of not being enough, the shadows of past mistakes, and the daunting question of whether God's love was truly unconditional consumed my thoughts.

All these challenges affected not just my personal faith journey but also my relationships with those dear to me.

The Night That Changed Everything 

Everything changed one fateful night with a dream that shook my understanding of faith...

In this dream, I found myself in a vast room, filled with cards that bore the record of every mistake, every sin I had committed.

It was like standing before a mirror that reflected not my face, but my flaws.

The room was filled with an icy chill of guilt and despair.

Grace Overcame Guilt 

Then Jesus entered the room. He walked up to each card and signed His name over mine with His blood.

The chilling guilt gave way to the warmth of forgiveness, the heavy air lifted, replaced with a lightness that filled me with hope.

I woke up from that transformative dream with a revelation - I was already forgiven, righteous, holy, complete, and healed in Christ.

I was not my past, but a recipient of His unconditional love. 

This realization shattered the chains of guilt and fear that had imprisoned me for so long.

Step into the Light with Grace Gaze Academy

From this awakening, Grace Gaze Academy was born.

This isn’t just another educational platform; it’s a sanctuary.

A place where you, and those dear to you, can grow, evolve, and experience God’s love in unprecedented ways.

Our mission? To provide you with insights that not only reinforce your faith but also enable you to foster deeper connections within your family and community.

Embark on Your Path to Liberation

At Grace Gaze Academy, we do more than teach. We equip you with the tools to genuinely feel God's grace, nurturing a bond with Him rooted in love, not mired in fear or guilt.

Let's walk this journey together. Dive deeper into my story. Share your own.

Feel the chains of guilt and fear melt away as you step into the liberating embrace of God's grace.

Why Grace Gaze Academy Stands Above the Rest 

Where most courses offer knowledge, we promise soul-transforming experiences

Our teachings aren’t confined to scriptures but are enriched by real-life revelations.

When Sarah, one of our students, completed her journey with us, she shared, "I didn't just learn, I felt, I changed, and my relationship with my family deepened as a result." 

At Grace Gaze Academy, you aren't just studying; you're embarking on a spiritual voyage like no other.

Join Hands & Get Access to the Academy

what you get

Embark on a Divine Transformation

At Grace Gaze Academy, we offer more than mere lessons. Dive into an enriching experience that doesn't only uplift your spirit but also strengthens the bonds you share with the world around you. Here's how we guide you:

Love reimagined

Dive deep into a renewed understanding of God's love. With us, every interaction and every lesson reverberates with His grace. Experience love in a way you've never felt before, growing ever closer to God.

Holistic Growth

Our teachings transcend beyond mere faith. Our tools and teachings amplify not only your spiritual essence but also permeate every facet of your life. From relationships to personal purpose, witness growth that's comprehensive and transformative.

True freedom

Discover faith in its purest, most liberating form. Shake off the burdens of doubt, guilt, and fear. Relish in a faith that enlightens, enabling you to fully embrace God's boundless love.

Mission-driven engagement

As you deepen your spiritual journey with us, you're also invited to help spread the Gospel of grace. By enrolling, you're not just a student; you become a beacon for those seeking God’s love and grace.

Here’s what people are saying about Grace Gaze Academy

Real Transformations From Real People 

Martie Batts


I felt born again again. No struggle with sin anymore!

Over the years religious teaching crept in and caused me to fall into a shame and condemnation cycle. I lost my joy, confidence in God's love for me. It has been painful. But as I have been listening to these teachings I literally felt as if a ton of bricks had come off my body. I felt born again again. I have not had any struggle with sin ever since.

Suzie Kerr

Discipler & Coach 

FINALLY! I experience peace and freedom! 

I've often wondered, "there must be more then this to Christian life." After hearing Bas' teaching I thought: "FINALLY! someone who made it simple!" He confirmed what I knew deep down all along. Now, I'm not judging and condemning people anymore and I experience a deep peace and freedom!

Jarod Martin


Enjoying God and live totally free! 

I used to believe that I had to perform a certain way for God to accept and like me. These teachings helped me to enjoy my relationship with God not based on my performance even though I make mistakes. I live more holy and righteous than ever before by living from my divine identity. I don't struggle with sin any more - I live totally free!

So, are you prepared for this transformation?

Become a part of the change that hundreds have already embraced.

Dive into Grace Gaze Academy today!

About The Course Teacher: 

Bas Rijksen

Dive deep into faith with Bas Rijksen, a celebrated international missionary and teacher. With his guidance, over 1.2 million Christians have not only deepened their relationship with God but have also experienced a profound connection with their loved ones.

They've moved from realms of guilt and anxiety to spaces filled with love, joy, peace, and hope. Why? Because Bas focuses on one powerful message: God's unconditional love and grace.

Bas is known for his clear, no-nonsense approach. He cuts through religious noise, delivering the unadulterated truth of grace. More than just teaching, he breaks down misconceptions and creates a nurturing space for spiritual growth.

Join Bas on this transformative journey. Allow him to guide you towards a spiritually enriched life, rooted deeply in the understanding and experience of God's grace, and watch as those blessings spill over into your relationships with those you hold dear.

Here’s what people are saying about the course teacher

Here are some comments from happy students about how the course instructor has helped them... 

Gregg Pond


New freedom... Finally Good News! 

As a worn out, disconnected and former church member, I'm exited about my new freedom in Christ and learning how to walk in it.  Bas, your teaching is a breath of fresh air. Finally Good News!

Carrie Winthrop


So much peace and freedom!

Bas, this teaching has given me so much peace and freedom. It has truly liberated me from fear and condemnation. I didn’t know the truth of our identity in Christ was that simple, yet so profound. Thanks a bunch!

Carolyn Walters

Dental nurse

Now I am willing to die for the Gospel!

I never understood why people would want to die for the Gospel. I know it sounds big, but now, after I've heard the true Gospel explained by Bas, I can say I'm willing to die for the Gospel!

Here's What You'll Get When You Become a Donation Partner!

Grace Gaze Academy is on an evolving journey, just like your understanding of God's grace.

While not all courses are finished, every month we add new content, further enriching your understanding and fostering your spiritual growth.

We view this as a shared adventure in faith, with our course library being a dynamic resource, not a static one. 

Your enrollment guarantees access to not only existing material but also the wealth of transformative content that will be included in the future.

Our courses are custom-built to take you from a place of confusion or curiosity to a state of clarity and empowerment.

Dive Deep with Life-Changing Courses!

Immerse yourself in these profound spiritual insights and transformative teachings with our curated selection of courses

Belief Blunders Unraveled

Unlock truths of Christianity, buried under myths.

  • Unearth truths you've unknowingly missed.
  • Root your faith in genuine understanding.
  • Shed the weight of misconceptions and feel spiritually lighter.
The Blueprint to Victorious Living

Step into the life you were destined to lead in Christ.

  • Navigate life's twists with divine guidance.
  • Face trials with renewed spiritual vigor.
  • Experience the sheer power of faith.
Christianity's Hot Topics, Demystified

Grapple with the controversial, without bias.

  • Confront and conquer divisive issues head-on.
  • Navigate debates with confidence.
  • Be the voice of reason in spiritual discussions.
The True Essence of Freedom in Christ

Step into a life unchained.

  • Experience liberation like never before.
  • Dissolve chains of guilt and doubt.
  • Revel in a closer, purer relationship with God.
Your Divine Identity, Unveiled 

Rediscover yourself in Christ's reflection.

  • Recognize your divine significance.
  • Embrace your spiritual worth.
  • Connect with God on an intimate level.
Mastering Difficult Scriptures

Unlock divine wisdom from complex verses.

  • Effortlessly navigate intricate passages.
  • Amplify the richness of your prayers and studies.
  • Uncover layers of divine wisdom.

Dive into Grace Gaze's Transformative Teachings...

Experience the richness of these teachings and elevate your spiritual journey!


Enroll Now And Get These Exclusive Resources!

Bonus 1
24/7 Personalized Phone Support & Prayer Guidance

Life’s unpredictable moments might cast shadows on our spirits, making nights seem profoundly dark. Yet, in those moments, our dedicated prayer ministers rise as luminous beacons of unyielding support.


Just a call away, they are poised to envelop you in solace, hope, and healing prayers, attuned to your deepest yearnings.

This isn't merely a call—it's an embrace of faith, a sanctuary where every sigh is heard, every weight lifted, and every sorrow transformed.

Regardless of the hour, immerse yourself in a haven where you're cherished, uplifted, and renewed in faith.

Bonus 2
Abba Father's Daily Love Letters

Each morning, a message of hope and peace awaits you. These aren't mere emails; they're divine whispers, crafted especially for your soul's yearning.

As you embark on this intimate journey with God, every letter offers a cherished moment of reflection and connection. With just 3 minutes of your morning, you can unearth profound joy, peace, and deepen your faith.

Let these daily communions illuminate your path, ensuring your faith glows brighter with each dawn. Are you ready to embrace His eternal love?

Bonus 3
Exclusive Private Facebook Group

Discover a world where every conversation elevates your spirit. Our private Facebook group isn't just a digital space; it's a transformative experience.

Connect with believers worldwide, amplify your growth, and find daily inspiration. Join a community where collective faith fuels personal transformation.

Bonus 4
Empowering eBooks Collection
  • 3 Bestselling Titles: "Grace Over Grind", "Sacred Deceptions", and "The Divine Mirror". Dive into enlightening tales that act as your spiritual compass. Each narrative deepens your faith and sets you on a path of profound spiritual growth.
  • 30 Spirit-Lifting, Grace-Filled eBooks: Explore a collection of faith-driven stories, each inspired by God's word and teachings. Every story serves as a reflection of His grace, guiding your journey, nurturing your bond with God, and strengthening your spirit in His unwavering love.
Bonus 5
The Ultimate Daily e-Card Collection
  1. 1
    215 "Mindset Of The Day" e-Cards: Begin each day by transcending limiting beliefs. Allow these Grace-infused cards to spotlight the liberating truths of grace, countering the constraints of traditional teachings.
  2. 2
    365 "Quote Of The Day" e-Cards: These are more than mere quotes; they're daily touchstones that radiate God's undying love. No matter life's ebbs and flows, these affirmations are here to illuminate your spiritual journey.
  3. 3
    365 "Promise Of The Day" e-Cards: Start every morning with a divine pledge. Each e-card mirrors God's unwavering commitment to you. They're not mere uplifting messages; they serve as steadfast reminders of His enduring presence in your life.

Imagine a year where spiritual enlightenment, comforting words, and divine assurances greet you each day. Plus, the power to share this light with others on social media. Become both a receiver and beacon of His love. Dive in today.

Bonus 6
200 Uplifting Jesus-themed Stickers

Infuse your everyday items with vibrant reminders of God's love. With 200 exclusive Jesus-themed stickers, turn simple items like water bottles and laptops into faith-filled symbols.

These durable, fade-resistant stickers aren't just aesthetic touches; they're daily cues of God's boundless love. Transform mundane moments into spiritual pauses, letting His love resonate through your day.

Bonus 7
Inspirational Armor of God Coin

Hold in your hand a crafted testament to God's protection. Our meticulously hand-made Armor of God coin is more than a token; it's a powerful emblem reminding you to always be fortified in faith.

Beyond its lustrous finish, it stands as a durable representation of your spiritual armor, echoing the divine safeguard that surrounds you. Possess this shining beacon of divine protection today.

Bonus 8
Stunning Last Supper Gold-Plated Bar

Own a shimmering piece of Christian heritage. Our meticulously handcrafted Last Supper Gold-Plated Bar is more than opulence—it's a poignant reminder of Jesus's act of love.

Beneath its shine stands an emblem of hope and faith. It's not just a gold bar, but a testament to devotion. Secure this beacon of faith today.

Bonus 9
Limitless Voice Communication with Bas

Delve deep into the realms of personal spiritual exploration. With limitless voice communication, Bas becomes your guiding light, offering profound insights and timely guidance.

It's more than just a conversation—it's a transformative experience tailor-made for your spiritual ascent. As you embark on this journey, recognize that the wisdom and clarity Bas provides is truly beyond measure.

Turn The Key to Transformation Today

The Secret Cost of Wisdom

Imagine walking into a renowned spiritual education center—offering a deepened understanding of God's love, tools that make His grace tangible in daily life, and routes that deepen your bonds with family and faith.

But as you're drawn in, you're met with overwhelming costs—$30,000, $20,000, perhaps even $10,000. 

A disheartening pause. Another financial wall standing between you and the transformative embrace of God's grace.

And let's not discuss mainstream online seminary courses. A cursory glance reveals price tags ranging from $300 to $1,200. Such numbers can be disheartening to many.

Grace Gaze Academy: A Sanctuary Beyond Price

At Grace Gaze Academy, we've tackled this head-on. We've pushed aside these hefty price tags and thrown open the doors.

We're handing you the golden key to delve into faith in its purest, most liberating form.

And the cost for our core teachings? An astounding, generous "FREE."

Join A Movement, Not Just Courses 

Take a moment to reflect. It's beyond mere learning; it's about becoming part of a global awakening to the true essence of God's love and grace.

By choosing one of our donation partnership levels, you're fueling this transformative movement.

Visualize it as sowing seeds that will sprout into mighty trees of God’s grace, providing shelter and solace to countless souls, including your cherished ones.

Taste the Transformation, Risk-Free

Unsure? How about a little taste? Experience the Grace Gaze Academy with a 7-day trial—just for a dollar

It's less than your daily cup of coffee, but with a much longer-lasting buzz!

Begin Your Journey of Liberation with a Click

Dive in. Click that red "Enroll Now" button. Your path to comprehensively transformative growth, encompassing relationships, personal purpose, and a deeper bond with God, is merely a click away.

Embark on this journey, and together, we'll ripple waves of change across the world.

Grace Gaze Academy PLUS Bonuses: All YOURS for FREE! Choose Your Donation Level And Step Into Transformation

Unlock unparalleled teachings and reap priceless rewards, as your contribution becomes a beacon for the Gospel of Grace.

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  • Armor of God commemorative coin for daily inspiration (Value $47) - Preview

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Your support will lead to the production of new books, articles, teaching courses. People will be set free and leaders will be trained because of you. Thank you!  

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(paid annually)

Your support will give this message wings. Your contribution enables us to give away hundreds of books/resources to people in every nation. Thank you!

  • All "City Level Partner" Benefits 
  • Exclusive access to direct messaging with Bas for personalized guidance (Value $397).
  • Set of 100 uplifting Jesus-themed stickers (Value $37) - Preview
  • Armor of God commemorative coin for daily inspiration (Value $47) - Preview

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World Level Partner




(paid annually)

Your support will lead to the production of new books, articles, teaching courses. People will be set free and leaders will be trained because of you. Thank you!  

  • All "Nation Level Partner" Benefits
  • Exclusive, limitless voice communication with Bas (Invaluable)
  • Set of 200 uplifting Jesus themed stickers (Value $47) - Preview 
  • Stunning gold-plated bar with Last Supper engraving (Value $97) - Preview

Satisfaction guarantee + cancel anytime

Feeling called to give more?

Our mission extends further with your generous contribution. Through our flexible donation option, you can set the size of your impact and be a beacon of grace for countless lives.

Our 100% Risk-Free Promise

At Grace Gaze Academy, we strive for your complete satisfaction. We're confident you'll find profound transformation in our courses, but if not, no worries.

You can cancel your donation partnership anytime, no questions asked. This is a journey of grace, after all.

Your partnership is only meaningful if we fulfill our promise to bring you closer to God's love. Embark on this path with us, risk-free. Your spiritual liberation is just a click away.

Don’t wait! Look at what past students have to say

Discover Why Past Students Deem It the Best Investment They've Ever Made!

Debra Grant


Experiencing Confidence and Peace Beyond Measure

Struggling under the illusion of God's demanding standards, I was constantly burdened with guilt. I felt as though I was never good enough. But after diving into Bas's teachings, I found immense confidence and an enduring peace in my relationship with God. Now I know that everything is perfectly okay between us, even in the midst of stress. It's an incredible peace unlike anything I've ever experienced.

Amos Brendan

Police Officer

Living a Liberated and Fulfilled Life

I was once imprisoned by misbeliefs that stifled my spiritual freedom. Bas's teachings opened my eyes to God on a whole new level, launching me into a thrilling new adventure. I had always yearned to live life to the fullest with God. Now, I truly believe it's possible thanks to the revelation of the finished work of the cross. I am living a liberated and deeply satisfying life!

Glenda Sanders

Financial Advisor

Embracing the Life God Wants for Me

For years, I felt a constant pressure to go to church, coupled with a gnawing feeling that something was missing. Bas's messages resonated deeply with me - they echoed the truths I'd always sensed but never heard articulated. His words are steeped in divine wisdom, and they've illuminated my path. Now, I am joyously embarking on the life God truly desires for me.


Enroll Now To Get These Exclusive Resources FOR FREE! 

Choose any donation level and these bonuses are yours!

resource 1
Religious Mind Trash Detector: Uncover the Blockages to Your Growth

Dive into this enlightening test to uncover any religious misconceptions that may be holding you back. By identifying these hidden obstacles, you'll pave the way for personal growth, inner peace, and a deepening connection with your faith.

resource 2
Daily Embrace: Tangible Steps to Feel God's Love Every Day

This practical guide offers tangible steps to immerse yourself in God's love daily. Use these tips to kindle the warmth of divine love in your everyday life, fostering a sense of peace, contentment, and spiritual nourishment that lasts from dawn till dusk and beyond.

resource 3
Triumphant Living: A Guide to Overcome Sin and Embrace Victory

This guide provides practical and transformative tips on how to conquer sin and live in the victorious freedom Christ offers. Harness these insights to walk in the abundant life of peace, joy, and righteousness every day.

resource 4
Shield of Discernment: A Simple Formula to Detect and Dodge Toxic Teachings

Arm yourself with this simple formula to identify and sidestep harmful, anti-Christ teachings. Avoid the negative emotional trappings of anxiety, doubt, and fear, and fortify your faith with teachings that affirm the love, grace, and peace of Christ.

resource 5
Master Guide: Decoding the Bible without Confusion or Condemnation

Unravel the mystery of the Bible with ease, eliminating any feeling of condemnation. This bonus unlocks the key to understanding Scripture by teaching you the crucial million-dollar question to ask yourself every time you read God's Word. Discover a fresh, liberating perspective that illuminates the pages of your Bible!

Act swiftly!

These bonuses, coupled with our foundational teachings, form a comprehensive spiritual package, enhancing both depth and breadth of your journey.


Claim them now at your chosen donation level. Don't let them slip away!

Embark on Your Spiritual Awakening

You've been on the fringes, sensing a profound call but needing clarity. 

At Grace Gaze Academy, we offer more than just lessons – it's a haven for souls like yours, hungry for deeper communion with God.

In a world filled with myriad interpretations of the Gospel, our teachings provide clear, scripture-rooted guidance

We're not here to upend your faith, but to fortify it, illuminating the true teachings of Christ and how you fit into His divine plan.

Are you ready for revelations that deepen your relationship with God and leave you in awe? That's our promise to you.

Click "Begin Your Awakening" and journey with us towards greater spiritual understanding.

Eager to guide you on this sacred path,

Bas Rijksen

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I donate with Paypal? 

Absolutely! Just click the “Enroll Now” button, and you'll be directed to our donation page. From there, you can choose from options like PayPal, credit card, Google Pay, or Apple Pay. It's easy and convenient!

Are the teachings based on a particular denomination of Christianity?

No. Grace Gaze Academy transcends denominations. Our teachings shine a spotlight solely on Jesus Christ and His transformative work on the cross. It's a universal message, tailored to resonate with believers from every Christian walk of life.

I'm loving the courses and their powerful messages. It's meeting a big need in my life. How can I share it with my friends?

That's music to our ears! Sharing is caring, and we made it super simple. Just direct them to the Grace Gaze website at Copy, paste, and pass on the blessing:

Can I download the audios and put them on my iPad or iPhone? 

Yes, you can! Download the audios, pop them onto your iPad, iPhone, or any device you prefer. Now, spiritual growth can accompany you wherever you roam. Just sync the audios using your device's usual method, and you're good to go!

Can I access Grace Gaze Academy on any device?

 Of course! Whether you're on your computer at home, your tablet while on a break, or your smartphone on the go, Grace Gaze Academy is right there with you. We've ensured our platform is fully optimized for any device with an internet connection. Dive into our content whenever the spirit moves you, wherever you may be. Enjoy!

What is the cancellation policy? 

Simple and straightforward! Should you decide to end your donation partnership, you can do it anytime, no strings attached. Remember, we're traveling this grace-filled journey together. We want it to be a delight, never a burden.

I'm intrigued but hesitant. Do you have any trial offers?

Absolutely, I get where you're coming from. It's smart to want a taste before you dive in. So, here's our offer: Enjoy a 7-day test run of the Grace Gaze Academy for just a buck. It gives you the chance to explore, engage with our content, and truly feel the essence of what we're all about. Quite the bargain, wouldn't you say?

If I sign up today, how long can I access the content?

Great question! Enroll today, and you're set. You'll have continuous access for as long as you're partnered with our ministry. Think of it as our heartfelt 'thank you' for your unwavering support and dedication.

Do I have to complete the teachings within a certain time frame?

Not at all! The masterclass adapts to your pace, not the other way around. Feel free to immerse yourself daily or savor each lesson as you see fit. There are no time constraints. Your learning journey, your rules.

I'm halfway through the material... I've never heard this in church. Now I see it so vividly in the Bible. Why is that?

You've touched on a poignant truth. Many churches today seem to be missing the pure, unadulterated teachings of Grace. I believe a key reason is that many church leaders view the Bible through the lens of the old covenant, relying heavily on traditional teachings and echoing the sentiments of mainstream scholars. This can cloud the powerful and transformative message of living in grace.

What's the ideal way to reach you?

The best avenue to touch base with us? Shoot an email our way at We're poised and ready to assist you there!

Is Grace Gaze Academy suitable for beginners or those new to the Christian faith?

Absolutely! Whether you're just taking your first steps into the Christian faith or have been walking this path for years, Grace Gaze Academy is your go-to. Our lessons are sculpted with care, ensuring clarity and depth – perfect for those wanting to immerse themselves in the beauty of God's grace. Dive in and find your place in our all-inclusive community. Welcome aboard!

I'm happily married. If I join the Academy, would my wife need her own separate account to access the content?

Great question! When you enroll in the Academy, your wife doesn't need a separate account. We've made it so that spouses can share the journey together. Do note, though, this is a special provision only for couples, not for friends or other family members.

Can I present a Grace Gaze Academy enrollment as a gift to someone special?

Absolutely! Gifting an enrollment in the Grace Gaze Academy is a wonderful way to share knowledge and growth. Just click the “Enroll Now” button. Choose your preferred donation tier, and enter the lucky recipient's name and email. They'll promptly receive an email with all they need to start their journey at the Grace Gaze Academy. A truly enriching gift, if I do say so myself!