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Bas Rijksen

Are you struggling with the notion that you must constantly trust God more, or feel the pressure to have stronger faith or somehow have your faith strengthened? If this resonates with you, I’m here to share some comforting insights that might just change how you view your spiritual journey.

Many of us wrestle with the idea that our faith isn’t sufficient or that our trust in God needs to be deeper. Let me tell you, this is not the whole story. The liberating truth is that God the Father isn’t asking us to increase our faith or trust Him more. This revelation can significantly lift the burden many believers carry, a truth I’m excited to explore with you today.

Reflecting on my own experiences, I remember nights spent awake, burdened by the thought, “I need to have more faith,” or feeling that my trust in God was inadequate. These feelings were magnified by my upbringing in the Dutch Reform Church, which leaned towards legalism—emphasizing doing more, being more, and serving more. Unfortunately, the focus was less on Christ and His deeds, and more on our own efforts to ‘trust God more,’ which, I discovered, is not the actual requirement.

Through my journey, I have uncovered three life-altering truths that reshaped my understanding of faith:

1. Jesus’ Perfect Trust Is Ours

Jesus lived a life of flawless trust in God, and wonderfully, that same trust is now credited to us. We are liberated from the impossible task of achieving perfect faith. Consider the eternal, loving relationship of the Trinity—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Jesus’ trust in the Father is complete, a perfect model of trust that we, too, are part of. As spiritual beings, our true identity is found in the spirit of Christ.

This means the perfect trust that Jesus has in the Father is also ours, already residing within us. Therefore, we do not need to strive for more trust; we are already encompassed in that perfect trust.

2. Our Faith Through His Faithfulness

Our journey isn’t about our ability to trust but about resting in Jesus’ unwavering faithfulness. Within the eternal and intimate dance of love among the Trinity, Jesus’ faithfulness to the Father is absolute. This perfect faithfulness is not just a high ideal but a reality that includes us.

God sees this perfect faithfulness in us, credited to us through Christ. Thus, our task isn’t to increase our faith but to accept that in Christ, we are as faithful as the faithfulness demonstrated by Jesus.

3. Living in Christ’s Assurance

The pressure to trust perfectly dissolves in the light of Jesus’ accomplished work. Whenever thoughts like “I need to trust God more” creep in, it’s essential to redirect our focus from ourselves to Christ. This shift prevents feelings of guilt, fear, and doubt, and invites us into a life filled with joy, peace, and the deep, exhilarating love of God—our true birthright.

We are invited to embrace the reality of who we really are, perfectly faithful and trustful through our union with Christ.

This understanding frees us from the incessant need to measure up because in Jesus, we find our perfect trust and faithfulness. Imagine a life where you are completely enveloped in joy and peace, knowing you already possess everything you need through Christ.

For those yearning to delve deeper into this liberating truth, consider exploring resources that help reinforce these truths, such as joining faith-based communities or educational platforms that focus on the accomplished work of Christ.

Remember, it’s not about how much we trust, but about who trusts within us—Jesus, the epitome of faithfulness. Embrace this truth, and let it transform your spiritual journey into one of rest, peace, and complete trust. 

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