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In Their Own Words: The Life-Changing Power of Grace Gaze Academy

Welcome to our community of victors, of transformed lives and rejuvenated spirits. Each of the stories shared here is a testament to the power of understanding and embracing God's grace, as guided by the teachings of Grace Gaze Academy.

These are authentic voices from our global community, individuals whose lives have been transformed through the liberating power of God's unconditional love.

As you journey through these stories, be inspired by their triumphs, their breakthroughs, and their spiritual awakenings.

I never understood why people would want to die for the Gospel. I know it sounds big, but now, after I've heard the true Gospel explained by Bas, I can say I'm willing to die for the Gospel!

Carolyn Walters

It's so CLEAR & SIMPLE how you bring it Bas. So many will take offense at the Gospel Truth. You’re saying things I’ve felt in my heart and now I see my gut feeling was right about religion being wrong.

Ashley Gardner

I can finally start living the life God desires from me. All my years I have either been dragged to, or pressured into believing that “I have to or need to go to church.” All the while, feeling that a lot is missing in “church”. I find that your messages are exactly what I’ve felt all along. Finally… here’s someone that actually makes sense! Bas, God has definitely given you the gift of wisdom. Now, I can finally start living the life God desires from me.

Marvel Helms

I have been born again for close to 30 years. Having no “religious” back ground I grew in Christ’s love and compassion and lived to serve Him from my heart…I never gave a thought to if I was acceptable to God by works. But over the years religious teaching (a subtle, confusing message of grace plus works to be saved) crept in and caused me to fall into this shame and condemnation cycle. I lost my joy, confidence in God’s love for me…It has been painful…But as I have been listening to Bas’ teaching I have been feeling these burdens lift as the revelation by the Holy Spirit shines through. I literally felt as if a ton of bricks had come off my body. It had been as if I were buried and someone had freed me, I felt born again again. Thank you!

Martie Batts

For years, I felt a constant pressure to go to church, coupled with a gnawing feeling that something was missing. Bas's messages resonated deeply with me - they echoed the truths I'd always sensed but never heard articulated. His words are steeped in divine wisdom, and they've illuminated my path. Now, I am joyously embarking on the life God truly desires for me.

Glenda Sanders

As a worn out, disconnected and former church member, I'm exited about my new freedom in Christ and learning how to walk in it.  Bas, your teaching is a breath of fresh air. Finally Good News!

Gregg Pond

Thank you so very much for this inspired and anointed course. It is not only liberating but the Holy Spirit is all over this as I was bathed in the presence of God as I went trough it. I praise God for showing you something that I had only guessed at and felt guilty about because it didn’t match up with the ‘theology’ of others.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. Amen! I love it!

Nannette Brown

Struggling under the illusion of God's demanding standards, I was constantly burdened with guilt. I felt as though I was never good enough. But after diving into Bas's teachings, I found immense confidence and an enduring peace in my relationship with God. Now I know that everything is perfectly okay between us, even in the midst of stress. It's an incredible peace unlike anything I've ever experienced.

Debra Grant

Bas, this teaching has given me so much peace and freedom. It has truly liberated me from fear and condemnation. I didn’t know the truth of our identity in Christ was that simple, yet so profound. Thanks a bunch!

Carrie Winthrop

Wow! Thank you so much! All the messages I’ve watched so far are exactly what is missing in American Christianity. I’ve been struggling for the past several years with trying to find the joy and fullness of life that Jesus promised, in the midst of legalistic, work-oriented, religious churches. It’s been so frustrating. Thank you, Bas, and everyone involved with this glorious movement, for speaking candidly about a grace so free, so powerful, so life-giving that it scares us. Because we can’t be in control when we let Jesus be all that He wants to be to us. We can’t contain His Life in neat little boxes or church service agendas or liturgies or spiritual disciplines or acts of service. It’s organic. It’s alive. And it’s something we don’t make or sustain. If Christians realized how securely God was holding us, we’d stop being deathly afraid of letting go of Him. Thank you for bringing the REAL Gospel to confused, law-enslaved believers! I wholeheartedly agree that Jesus came to restore us into the men and women God created us to be. It’s not a religion. It’s an IDENTITY. Thank you for saying so!

Glison Angela Letho

I was once imprisoned by misbeliefs that stifled my spiritual freedom. Bas's teachings opened my eyes to God on a whole new level, launching me into a thrilling new adventure. I had always yearned to live life to the fullest with God. Now, I truly believe it's possible thanks to the revelation of the finished work of the cross. I am living a liberated and deeply satisfying life!

Amos Brendan

I am SO grateful to you Bas for this great and clear teaching which I asked God for exactly 1 week ago!!! Thank you, Lord Jesus for this great gift of understanding! Simple and Easy!

Rod Bushey

I am learning to relax and enjoy life from Bas! I am so excited about this teaching! Glad to be part of this community! 

Dianne B. Price

Wish we had more teachers like you.

Jean Bryant

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, revelations, truth with us. I always enjoy reading it and thinking about it…some of them are making me think for days and searching for God to fully shine His light on it…I love it!!

Preston Uhl

This teaching has given me so much peace and freedom. I didn’t know the truth of our identity in Christ was that simple, yet so profound.

Christopher D. Medley

Now I know that I know, who I am in Christ. Thank you so much for sharing your insights and revelation with us. It has changed me forever. I am ruined for the ordinary. 

Whitney Colon

I have been a Christian for most of my life. Why have I never heard this before? It has truly liberated me from fear and condemnation.

Ashley Brown

I know Bas as somebody who wants to know the Word of God and act upon it, and who likes to equip others to do the same. He is a speaker who uses common language and thereby makes the Scripture easy to understand for everybody. I appreciate especially his way of dealing with misunderstandings and wrong interpretations of the Word, and that he inspires people to take their part in making Gods Kingdom come. 

Ute de Vries

I know Bas to be a passionate teacher, but most importantly a passionate follower of Jesus, and lover of His word and presence. Bas desires to see the power of the cross and the truth of whom God is become manifest in the lives of those he meets. He speaks plainly about the cross, grace, our newfound identity as children of God, and about excersizing the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

Mary A. Merrifield

Bas is an inspiring speaker with a great passion for sharing Biblical principles and truth. He doesn’t only focus on sharing knowledge  but also gives practical tools you can apply in your daily live. It is a pleasure to listen to Bas and to be in conversation with him

Tracy Fuller

I have just discovered your Academy with video courses. Thank you! I feel like a “little girl.” I am so happy!

Jill Nivison,

I've often wondered, “There must be more then this to the Christian life.” After hearing Bas' teaching I thought: “Finally someone who made it simple!” He confirmed what I knew deep down all along. Now, I'm not judging and condemning people any more and I experience peace and freedom!

Suzie Kerr

I believed God was measuring my performance to a perfect standard and I never measured up. I felt burdened and condemned. After hearing Bas' teaching I am very confident in my relationship with God knowing that everything between God and me is OK. Even in situations of stress I have such an incredible peace.

Jelte van Dijk

I used to believe that I had to perform a certain way for God to accept and like me. Bas' teaching helped me to enjoy relationship with God not based on my performance even though I make mistakes. I live more holy and righteous than ever before by living from my divine identity. I don't struggle with sin any more - I live totally free.

Jarod Martin

I struggled with guilt and condemnation because I thought I didn't measure up in God's eyes and that He wasn't happy with me. Bas' course helped me to live from a place of internal rest. This enabled me to share my emotions and be more open to my wife. I am also more productive in my job because I am not consumed with my false identity any more.

Wouter van Oostrom

I’ve heard many times about the importance of Jesus’ work on the cross, but now I really understand it in my heart and not just with my head. It was like, “Wow, I get.” A veil has been lifted and the Word of God has become more accessible to me. 

Jeroen van Leeuwen

Bas, you are a wonderful teacher of the Gospel! Messages short, sweet and packed with truth! 

Claudine Gimonet

I am a critical, cynical, and hard to please case Bas, but you my friend have it all. Brilliant teacher and super articulate attention holder. The more I learn from you the lighter I get.

Jeffrey Dunnage

I am not who I thought I was. I had wrong mindsets of beliefs which made my life not as free as it could have been. Through Bas’ teaching I realize that I am a new creation and pure, holy and righteous in God’s eyes. This understanding frees me up in so many ways that I can experience God in a whole new level. It’s like a start of a whole new adventure for me. I always wanted to live life to the fullest with God. Now I realize it is possible because of the finished work of the cross. I can live a fully free and satisfying life.

Rebecca Napier

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