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Bas Rijksen

Hold onto your seat, friend, because we’re about to embark on a journey that could completely transform your understanding of biblical prophecy. Picture this: a shrouded figure, often talked about in hushed tones, looming over humanity’s future – the antichrist. This image has captivated and troubled believers for centuries. But what if I told you that everything we’ve been taught about this mysterious figure might not be the full story?

Today, I’m not just going to share information; I’m going to take you on an adventure through time and scripture. We’ll explore 3 profound truths that might just change everything you’ve thought about the antichrist. You might be sitting there, wondering, ‘Isn’t the antichrist a looming future threat we all need to be wary of?’ That’s the common narrative, but prepare to be surprised.

Together, we’re going to journey through these biblical prophecies with fresh eyes. I promise, by the end, you’ll not only understand these scriptures in a new light but also find a deeper sense of peace in their true meanings. So, are you ready to challenge what you know and discover the hidden truths of the Bible?

Profound Truth #1: The Antichrist – A Spiritual System, Not a Person

So, the first profound truth is: The Antichrist is not a single person looming in our future but a spiritual system of false teaching, specifically Gnosticism. It’s a revelation that might just change how you view one of the Bible’s most mysterious concepts.

Let’s venture into the early days of Christianity. Here, the term ‘Antichrist’ emerges, not as a label for a future tyrant, but as a description of a pervasive, destructive belief system. Interestingly, it’s found in four specific passages in the New Testament, particularly in First and Second John, but notably not even in the Book of Revelation. John, in his epistles, speaks not of a singular demonic figure, but of many antichrists already present during his time. These ‘antichrists’ were proponents of Gnosticism, a philosophy that distorted the core truths of Christianity, denying the full humanity and divinity of Jesus Christ.

This understanding is pivotal. It shifts our focus from an obsession with identifying a future ‘Antichrist’ to recognizing and combating the real dangers of false teachings that exist today. It’s about discerning truth in a world rife with spiritual deception. Knowing that the ‘Antichrist’ is a symbol of any teaching or system that denies Christ’s nature helps us safeguard our faith against subtle heresies.

The New Testament letters, especially those of John, were battlegrounds for early Christian doctrine. John combats Gnostic teachings, emphasizing the physical reality of Jesus Christ (1 John 1:1-3). He identifies anyone denying Jesus’s humanity as an ‘antichrist.’ This term, therefore, was not a futuristic prediction but a contemporary warning against a then-present spiritual threat.

For us today, this truth is a clarion call to be vigilant. It’s a reminder that the real ‘Antichrist’ can be any ideology, teaching, or system that tries to distort or deny the fundamental truths of our faith. In a world where spiritual truths are often twisted, understanding this profound truth equips us to stand firm in our faith.

In conclusion, the ‘Antichrist’ is not about waiting for a singular evil ruler. It’s about discerning and standing against the pervasive false teachings that threaten to undermine our faith. It’s a call to hold fast to the true gospel of Jesus Christ, amidst a world of spiritual confusion.

Think about your own spiritual journey. How many times have you encountered teachings or ideas that seemed to subtly undermine the core truths of the gospel? Just as the early Christians faced Gnosticism, we too face modern ‘antichrists’ in various forms. Recognizing them is key to maintaining a pure, undiluted faith.

Imagine the ‘Antichrist’ as a chameleon, constantly changing its colors to blend in and deceive. It’s not one entity but a myriad of false ideas and teachings that slip into our faith, often unnoticed. It’s kind of like weeds in a garden – if we’re not vigilant, they can overrun the whole garden, the garden of our faith.

The idea that the ‘Antichrist’ is not a person but a system might be a radical shift for many. It turns the sensationalized Hollywood portrayal of the ‘Antichrist’ on its head, bringing us back to the real spiritual battles we face daily.

Profound Truth #2: Daniel 9 Speaks of Jesus, Not the Antichrist

So the second profound truth is: Daniel 9, often linked to the antichrist, actually speaks about Jesus Christ. It’s a remarkable shift that turns fear into hope, darkness into light.

Journey with me to the time of Daniel. This prophet, in his God-given visions, spoke of ‘seventy weeks’ determined upon his people. The climax of this prophecy? The coming of an ‘Anointed One’ (Daniel 9:25-26). For centuries, this was seen as a beacon of hope, pointing directly to Jesus Christ. But somewhere along the way, this message of hope got twisted, turned into a foreboding tale of a future antichrist.

Understanding Daniel 9 in the context of Jesus’s life is crucial. It transforms the narrative from a horror story about the antichrist to a love story about our Savior. This prophecy speaks of the ‘Anointed One’ being ‘cut off,’ a clear reference to the crucifixion of Christ. He was the one who came to seal up vision and prophecy, to bring everlasting righteousness (Daniel 9:24).

The ancient scholars had it right. They saw Daniel’s prophecy as a timeline leading to the Messiah, not to an antichrist. The ‘seventy weeks’ culminate in the ultimate act of love – Jesus’s crucifixion for our sins. This aligns with the broader biblical narrative – a story of God’s relentless pursuit of His people, His plan of salvation through Jesus Christ.

This isn’t just a theological pivot. It’s a complete overhaul of how we view biblical prophecy. Understanding Daniel 9 as a prophecy about Jesus changes everything. It means that as Christians, our focus should be on the completed work of Christ, not on a future, ominous figure of doom. It invites us to live in the victory Jesus secured for us, not in fear of what’s to come.

In conclusion, Daniel 9 isn’t a cryptic clue about the antichrist’s arrival. It’s a clear signpost pointing to Jesus, the Messiah. It’s a chapter in the greatest story ever told – the story of redemption, of God’s unending love for humanity. And that, my friends, is the true message of Daniel 9 – a message of hope, grace, and salvation.

Imagine the early Jewish believers, reading Daniel’s words, looking for a Messiah to deliver them. And then, Jesus comes – fulfilling these prophecies right in front of their eyes. It’s kinda like when you’re waiting for a rescue in a storm, and suddenly, the rescuer is right there, in the flesh. That’s what Jesus was to them. That’s what He is to us – not a distant, future hope, but a present, living reality.

Think of Daniel 9 as a painting, each brushstroke a part of the prophecy, coming together to reveal the face of Jesus. It’s not a dark, ominous portrait of a future antichrist but a radiant image of Christ, our Redeemer. Like finding a hidden treasure in your backyard, this truth about Daniel 9 is a revelation that’s been right under our noses all along.

This interpretation might come as a surprise to many. We’ve been conditioned to view Daniel 9 through the lens of fear and future doom. But the real surprise here is the joy and freedom in discovering that it’s actually a story of redemption, fulfilled in Jesus.

Before we unveil our third profound truth, I invite you to delve deeper at Grace Gaze Academy. Discover more about the antichrist and end-times prophecies in our ‘Unmasking the Antichrist’ video series. Visit Grace Gaze Academy, select ‘Difficult Scriptures Made Simple’, and gain access to our insightful eBook ‘Unmasking the Antichrist’ as a free bonus. Now, let’s explore the final truth that might just revolutionize your understanding of biblical prophecy.

Profound Truth #3: The Man of Lawlessness and The Beast of Revelation

And the third profound truth is about the ‘man of lawlessness’ and the Beast of Revelation. These figures are rooted in history, not in our future.

Let’s embark on a journey back to the first century, where the apostle Paul and John the Revelator penned words that have echoed through time. In 2 Thessalonians 2, Paul speaks of a ‘man of lawlessness,’ a figure shrouded in mystery. Similarly, in Revelation 13 and 17, John describes a beast, an entity that has captivated the imagination of many. Contrary to popular belief, these are not cryptic foreshadowings of a future antichrist, but vivid descriptions of real figures from their era.

Understanding these figures in their original context is vital. It shifts our focus from a distant, speculative future to the tangible, historical realities faced by early Christians. Paul’s ‘man of lawlessness’ and John’s ‘beast’ were not abstract symbols of evil to come, but real threats to the faith and well-being of early believers. This understanding grounds our faith in historical reality and helps us appreciate the resilience of those early Christians.

The ‘man of lawlessness’ that Paul describes is believed to be a reference to a historical figure like John Levi of Gischala, a rebel leader during the Jewish-Roman war. His actions and claims mirror Paul’s description eerily. Similarly, the Beast in Revelation is often interpreted as a symbol of the Roman Empire and Emperor Nero, known for his brutality and persecution of Christians. This historical understanding adds depth and nuance to our interpretation of these biblical texts.

Recognizing these figures as first-century realities liberates us from fear-mongering and sensationalist interpretations. It challenges us to be vigilant against the real ‘antichrists’ of our time – false teachings and ideologies that can lead us away from the true essence of our faith. It empowers us to confront these challenges with the same courage and faith as our early Christian brothers and sisters.

In conclusion, the ‘man of lawlessness’ and the Beast of Revelation are not futuristic specters waiting to emerge. They are part of our rich Christian heritage, symbols of the trials and tribulations faced by our spiritual ancestors, and testimonies of their triumph through faith.

Imagine being an early Christian, living under Roman rule, facing persecution, and hearing these words from Paul and John. It wasn’t a distant prophecy for them; it was their daily reality. It’s kind of like facing challenges in our own lives – knowing that others have faced similar trials and triumphed can be a source of immense comfort and inspiration.

Picture the Roman Empire as a fierce beast, ruling with an iron fist. Now, see the early Christians, small yet steadfast in their faith, standing against this colossal empire. Their story is not just a historical account; it’s a powerful analogy for the spiritual battles we face in our lives.

The idea that these biblical figures are historical rather than futuristic might be startling to some. It challenges long-held beliefs and invites us to reexamine other passages we might have misunderstood. It’s a revelation that can turn our understanding of the Bible on its head, bringing fresh insights and deeper appreciation.

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