The Grace Gaze Story

The story we're about to share is one of a remarkable transformation, a journey from inner turmoil to an enlightened understanding of God's grace.

It is the story of Bas Rijksen, the founder of Grace Gaze Academy

While his story is personal, its message is universal, providing a beacon of hope and faith for everyone grappling with guilt, doubt, and fear.

Into the Story

So overcome with frustration, I lean my forehead against the wall and silently scream...

I had no idea what to do next...

Grace Gaze is Different

Grace Gaze Academy unravels the spiritual truths often buried in complex theology, replacing confusion, guilt, and fear with joyous freedom. We shine a light on misunderstood doctrines that have held believers back for centuries.

At Grace Gaze, we don't push you to become something—you already are complete in Christ. Instead, we help you grasp this reality and live it daily. Our mission is to guide you away from the unending cycle of legalism towards the liberating understanding of God's boundless love and grace.

Our teachings, rooted in the celebration of God's limitless grace, spark continual spiritual growth. More than just intellectual understanding, it's a transformation of heart and mind—a daily renewal of faith in God's radiant grace.

Ready for a spiritual awakening? Join us at Grace Gaze Academy, and experience the life-altering power of understanding God's grace.

Unleashing Grace

Through championing God's grace, we ignite a spiritual metamorphosis: the shackles of fear and doubt dissolve, and in their place blossoms a life radiating with serene peace, exuberant joy, and unparalleled freedom. As you voyage with us on this path, the veil lifts, revealing an innate capacity to extend love as Christ does - boundlessly, selflessly, unconditionally.

Changing Lives For Eternity


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Praise and Testimonials

I'd lost my joy, confidence in God's love for me. It has been painful. But as I've been listening to Bas' teachings I literarily felt as if a ton of bricks had come of my body. I feel born again again. No more struggle with sin anymore!

barbara lane

I've heard many times about the importance of Jesus' work on the cross, but now I really understand it in my heart and not just with my head. It was like, "WOW, I get it!" A veil has been lifted and the Word of God has become more accessible to me. Thank you Bas!

gary howard

I've often wondered, "there must be more then this to Christian life." After hearing Bas' teaching I thought: "FINALLY! someone who made it simple!" He confirmed what I knew deep down all along. Now, I'm not judging and condemning people anymore and I experience a deep peace and freedom!

rowam fields

I never understood why people would want to die for the Gospel. I know it sounds big, but now, after I've heard the true Gospel explained by Bas, I can say I'm willing to die for the Gospel!

marie fisher

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