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Bas Rijksen

Ever feel like your relationship with God could be deeper? What if I told you there’s an untold truth that will transform it forever? Today, we’re diving into three life-changing insights that will revolutionize your relationship with God and your entire life. 

Imagine unlocking a deeper intimacy with the Father that you never thought possible. These truths are right in front of you, hidden in plain sight, and by the end of this video, you’ll see your relationship with God in a whole new light. Stay with me till the end—you won’t want to miss a single moment!

Profound Truth #1: You Are Already in Perfect Relationship

Buckle up because we’re about to dive into a truth so radical, it might just blow your mind: “You don’t have a relationship with the Father; you have Jesus’ relationship with the Father.” I know, it sounds shocking, but stick with me—this revelation is going to change the way you see your connection with God forever.

Imagine this: A long-lost relative, incredibly wealthy, passes away and leaves you a jaw-dropping inheritance. We’re talking a worldwide estate, riches beyond your wildest dreams, and an eternal place in a royal family. It’s kinda like going from rags to riches overnight. Now, take a moment and realize this isn’t just a fairy tale. This is exactly what has happened to you through Jesus Christ. (Eph. 1:18-19, Gal. 4:7)

Through Jesus’ death and resurrection, God has left you an inheritance that is beyond imagination. You’ve been adopted into the royal family of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Everything that belongs to God is now yours. Imagine waking up every day in a palace, knowing you are royalty. Can you even wrap your mind around that? All the privileges, all the treasures, and most importantly, the relationship Jesus has with the Father is now yours. You’ve been plunged right into the center of the divine fellowship, right into the loving embrace of the Trinity.

Let’s paint a picture here: Before time began, the Triune God decided to include you in their circle of affectionate love. Think about that for a second. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, in their infinite wisdom and love, chose you to be part of their family. Jesus reopened the way to the Father, and now you stand on the same solid foundation as Jesus Himself. (Col. 2:9-10).

Here’s the kicker: This relationship you have with God is not based on your efforts. It’s not about how much you pray, read the Bible, how well you behave, or how strongly you believe. Nope, it’s all about Jesus. You’re not striving to build a relationship with God; you’re simply living, moving and being in the perfect, unbroken relationship Jesus has with the Father. This relationship is without disruption, never changes, and is as strong today as it will be in a billion years. Talk about a rock-solid foundation!

Take a deep breath and let this sink in: Your relationship with God is God’s relationship with God. You are invited to rest in this incredible truth, not to strive for it. This is the grace-based, Christ-centered, Trinitarian truth that will set you free from the chains of performance and let you bask in the love and intimacy of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Picture this: The Trinity is like a perfect dance, three in one, moving in perfect harmony. And guess what? You’ve been invited to join this dance. You don’t need to learn the steps; you’re already in sync because Jesus has led you into this divine rhythm. So, stop trying to dance better and just enjoy the music!

Friend, this isn’t about a “you must do more” message. It’s about realizing you already have it all. You are already in perfect relationship with God. You are loved, cherished, and embraced by the Trinity. Your job? Just rest in this reality. Let it transform you from the inside out.

And here’s the punchline: Your relationship with God is as perfect as Jesus’ relationship with the Father. Now, chew on that for your breakfast!

Profound Truth #2: Intimacy is Your Identity

Alright, friend, we’ve talked about how you are already in a perfect relationship with God, thanks to Jesus. Now, let’s dig even deeper with another mind-blowing truth: “Intimacy is not something you achieve; it’s who you are.”

Picture this: Imagine three identical triplets standing in a row. They look the same, they move the same, and they even speak the same words in perfect harmony. It’s kinda like watching a supernatural symphony where three voices blend into one crystal clear message. This, my friend, is a glimpse of the Trinity – the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. They are three distinct persons, yet perfectly one. (John 10:30)

Let’s take this a step further. The Trinity isn’t trying to be in a relationship; they are relationship. They aren’t working towards intimacy; they are intimacy. And here’s the kicker: Because you are in Christ, you’ve been brought into this divine dance. You’re not a spectator; you’re a participant in this eternal, intimate fellowship. (2 Cor. 13:14)

Think about it this way: You don’t have to strive to be more intimate with God any more than a triplet has to strive to look like their siblings. It’s simply who they are. In the same way, intimacy with God isn’t something you need to work for. It’s your identity in Christ. The same quality of intimacy that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit share is the intimacy you have with God, right now, and forever. (Rom. 8:15-16)

Here’s the beauty of it: Trying to achieve intimacy with God through your own efforts is like a fish trying to swim more by flapping its fins harder. It’s unnecessary and counterproductive. You are already immersed in God’s love, already swimming in His grace. Your job is to recognize this truth and rest in it. 

So, how do you experience this intimacy? By simply being aware of it. It’s like tuning into a frequency that’s always been there. When you focus on Jesus and the relationship He has with the Father – a relationship that’s now yours – you begin to feel the depth of that connection. You experience the divine embrace that has always been surrounding you. (John 15:4)

Imagine waking up every day with the awareness that you are already as intimate with God as you could ever be. No striving, no performance, just pure, unfiltered intimacy. This is what it means to live in the fullness of God’s love. This is what it means to be in Christ.

And here’s the punchline: You don’t need to become more intimate with God; you already are. Let that sink in. Let it transform your heart and mind. Stop striving and start resting. Embrace your identity as one who is already intimately connected with God. Let this truth set you free and fill you with unending joy.

Profound Truth #3: Living in the Fullness of Divine Love

Friend, we’ve journeyed through some profound revelations so far. We’ve uncovered that you’re already in a perfect relationship with God and that intimacy isn’t something you strive for—it’s who you are. Now, let’s explore how to live every day in the fullness of this divine love.

Imagine your mind as a radio, tuning into different frequencies. Often, we get stuck on stations filled with static, self-doubt, and striving. But there’s a frequency broadcasting perfect love, peace, and divine intimacy 24/7. It’s called God’s indwelling Presence, and it’s always on air. To experience this, you tune in by renewing your mind and practicing His presence. (Romans 12:2)

Renewing your mind is kinda like resetting your GPS. If you’ve ever taken a wrong turn and heard the GPS calmly say, “Recalculating,” you know it’s designed to guide you back on track. The same goes for our spiritual journey. By renewing our minds, we align our thoughts with God’s truth—reminding ourselves that we are deeply loved and perfectly connected to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Now, let’s talk about practicing His presence. Imagine walking through a beautiful garden. You don’t rush; you take your time, savoring every sight, smell, and sound. Practicing God’s presence is just like that. It’s about being aware of His indwelling love and presence in every moment, not rushing through life but savoring the divine intimacy that is within in you and surrounds you. (John 15:4)

This intimacy isn’t based on how you feel or what you experience. It’s grounded in spirit and truth. Remember Jesus’ words: “God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.” (John 4:24) Your relationship with God is as real and unchanging as the sunrise, whether you feel it or not.

Here’s a shift that will change everything: Move from a self-conscious, performance-driven mindset to a Christ-conscious, grace-driven mindset. Think of it this way: Instead of constantly checking the score in a game, you rest in the fact that the victory is already won. Jesus secured your relationship with the Father. Your intimacy with God isn’t something you achieve; it’s a gift you’ve received.

So, friends, here’s what you do: Rest in God’s love. Every morning, remind yourself, “I am already intimately connected with God.” Let this truth sink into your heart and mind. Live from this place of deep, unchanging intimacy with the Trinity. Imagine your day starting with a divine embrace, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit surrounding you with love and grace. Let this awareness transform how you see yourself and the world around you.

And here’s the punchline: Living in the fullness of divine love is not about doing more, but about being more aware of what you already have in Christ. Live from this place of fullness. Enjoy the divine relationship that’s yours. Remember, you’re not striving for intimacy. You are already living in the fullness of divine love.

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