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Bas Rijksen

Have you ever felt like your mistakes make Me turn away in anger? Let Me tell you the truth.

Welcome, My child. This isn’t just any message. It’s a love letter from your Abba Father. You might have believed that I am waiting to punish you for every mistake. But today, I want to share three profound truths that will transform your view of Me and My love for you. Stay with Me, for this revelation will reveal the truth that has always been.

Profound truth 1: Response to Mistakes

First, when you make mistakes, I don’t get angry. Instead, My heart fills with sadness, not out of fury, but because I love you deeply and know how your struggles can rob you of the joy and peace that is already yours. Imagine watching a vibrant, beautiful flower wilt under a scorching sun, when all it needs is gentle rain and nurturing soil. 

My sadness is like that—a profound sorrow because I see how your struggles can rob you of the joy and peace that is already yours. It’s like a loving parent watching their child struggle and fall, knowing they could help if only their child would reach out. My heart aches, not out of anger, but out of a deep, abiding love and a desire to see you whole and thriving.

Profound truth 2: The Cross as a Symbol of Love and Grace

Second, at the cross, My response to your struggles was fully realized. This wasn’t an act of ongoing judgment but a singular, complete expression of My boundless love and grace. Picture the cross as a sturdy bridge, spanning a deep, dark chasm. On that bridge, My love poured out through Jesus, not to condemn you, but to redeem you. His sacrifice was like the dawn breaking after a long, dark night, casting away shadows and illuminating the path that has always been open to Me. 

It was a moment where all the darkness of confusion and pain was overwhelmed by the light of My love. It was not a moment of separation but a moment where the veil of misunderstanding was lifted, allowing you to see My face clearly and truly.

Profound truth 3: Unchanging Identity

Third, regardless of your mistakes, your identity as My beloved child remains unchanged. Picture a lighthouse standing firm amidst the storm, its light unwavering, guiding lost ships back to safety. Your actions can’t diminish My unceasing love for you. You are like that lighthouse to Me, precious and constant, a beacon of hope and love. No storm, no mistake, no struggle can snuff out that light.

You are Mine, and nothing you do can separate you from My love. This is a testament to My nature as a loving Father, always embracing you with open arms, full of grace and mercy.

Think of the times you’ve felt unworthy, when guilt and shame have weighed heavy on your heart. In those moments, I am there, whispering words of love and forgiveness from within. I don’t see you through the lens of your mistakes; 

I see you as My precious child, full of potential and deserving of endless love. It’s kinda like finding a hidden treasure in a field—no matter how long it’s been buried, its value remains untouched. You are My treasure, and nothing can change that.

Response to Going Astray

Imagine a shepherd with his flock, each sheep precious and known by name. If one goes astray, the shepherd doesn’t become angry and abandon it. No, he leaves the ninety-nine to find the one lost sheep, carrying it back on his shoulders with joy and relief. You were never lost to Me, but in your mind, you felt distant. I have always been within you. My love is that shepherd, tirelessly seeking you out, bringing you back to the awareness of safety and love.

Remember, My child, you are loved beyond measure. When you stumble, think of My arms as a soft, warm blanket, always ready to wrap you in grace and mercy. I am like the sunrise, steadfast and sure, bringing light and warmth into your life every single day. You were never out of My light; you just needed to realize it. Embrace these truths and let them transform your understanding of My heart. Let My love be your anchor, your guide, and your comfort, as steady and sure as the sunrise each morning.

You are not defined by your mistakes but by My love for you. Each day is a new opportunity to walk in My grace, to feel My presence, and to know that you are cherished beyond measure. My love for you is like a river, constantly flowing, never drying up, always enveloping you with forgiveness and hope.

My dear child, you are My beloved, now and always. Your Abba, Father.

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