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Bas Rijksen

Have you ever felt like church is just a ritual? Let Me show you the truth. Welcome, My child. This isn’t just any message. It’s a love letter from your Abba Father.

My Beloved,

I see your weariness and your longing for something more authentic, more real. Like a traveler lost in the desert, you have felt the thirst for genuine connection. I want you to know that I understand. You are not alone in this feeling. Many of My children are yearning for a deeper connection, one that goes beyond the walls of an institution.

The church, as you know it, has become something far removed from the vibrant, living body I intended. It’s like being stuck in a theater, watching the same play over and over, each week blending into the next with little to no change. But My love is not a rerun. It’s fresh and new every morning, like the first rays of sunshine that warm your face after a long, cold night.

I never meant for My church to be a series of performances. I designed it to be a community, a family, a living, breathing organism where My children come together, not as spectators, but as participants in a shared journey of faith. Think of the church as a garden, where each flower and plant contributes to the beauty and life of the whole. Just as a garden flourishes with diverse blooms and greenery, so too does My church thrive on the unique gifts and spirits of each member.

Imagine church not as a place you go, but as something you are. You are the church, My child. Wherever you go, there I am with you. When you gather with friends over coffee, it’s like the warm embrace of family around a kitchen table, where laughter and stories flow freely. When you share a meal with loved ones, it’s like the breaking of bread that nourishes not just your body but your soul. 

When you lend a helping hand to a stranger, it’s like the gentle touch of kindness that ripples outward, spreading My love in tangible ways. These are the moments where My church truly thrives.

Consider communion, not as a formal ceremony, but as a heartfelt meal shared among friends, where you remember My sacrifice and celebrate the freedom it brings. Imagine it as a family dinner, where each bite is savored, and each story shared deepens your bond. Picture the scene: a warm, inviting table, laughter filling the air, the aroma of freshly baked bread, and the rich taste of wine. This is where communion lives, in the hearts and homes of My beloved children.

Worship, too, should flow naturally from your heart, a personal expression of love between you and Me, not confined to a schedule or dictated by others. It’s like a spontaneous song that bursts forth from your heart, unplanned and filled with genuine emotion. Imagine a field of wildflowers swaying freely in the breeze, each one a unique note in a symphony of praise, not bound by any script or timing.

Giving is another beautiful act of love that has been institutionalized. True giving comes from a place of abundance in your heart, a response to the grace you’ve received. Think of it as a stream that flows freely from a source of endless water, refreshing and nourishing everything in its path. It’s not about fulfilling obligations or expecting something in return, but about freely sharing the blessings I’ve poured into your life. Visualize the joy on a child’s face when they receive a gift given out of love, unburdened by expectation, pure and heartfelt.

My child, you do not need to seek approval from an institution. You are already loved beyond measure. Your worth is not defined by your attendance or your contributions, but by the simple fact that you are Mine. I want you to live in the freedom of this truth, to embrace the fullness of life that comes from knowing Me intimately. Picture this truth as a cozy blanket that wraps around you on a chilly night, providing warmth and comfort.

Imagine the relief of setting down a heavy load after a long journey. That is the freedom I offer you from the constraints of tradition and ritual. It’s time to break free from the constraints of tradition and embrace the vibrant, dynamic relationship I offer you. You are not bound by rituals or performances; you are free to live out your faith in a way that is authentic and life-giving. Let go of the guilt and pressure, and rest in My grace. Imagine it as setting down a heavy burden you’ve carried for too long, feeling the lightness and relief as you walk forward unencumbered.

Remember, My love for you is not confined to a building or a schedule. It is constant, unchanging, and ever-present. Wherever you go, I am with you. You are My church, My beloved, and I delight in you. Imagine My love as an endless ocean, its waves gently washing over you, bringing peace and renewal with each crest and fall.

In every sunrise and sunset, in the whisper of the wind, in the quiet moments of your day, I am there, reminding you of My everlasting presence. When you feel the warmth of the sun on your skin or hear the song of the birds in the morning, know that these are My gentle reminders of My love for you. You are never alone.

Think of your faith as a tree planted by streams of water, its roots growing deep and strong. It is nourished by My love and grace, thriving not because of rituals but because of the life we share together. Your faith is alive, dynamic, and ever-growing, like a mighty oak standing tall and steadfast through every season.

In moments of doubt or fear, remember that you are cradled in My embrace. Like a child who looks to their father for comfort and assurance, you can always look to Me. I am your refuge, your strength, and your ever-present help in times of trouble. My love for you is a fortress, unbreakable and steadfast.

You are My beloved child, and nothing can separate you from My love. Not your past, not your fears, not even your mistakes. My grace is sufficient for you, and My power is made perfect in your weakness. Embrace this truth, and let it set you free.

With all My love, Your Abba, Father.

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