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Bas Rijksen

Have you ever felt like questioning Me might make Me turn away in disappointment?

Welcome, My child. This isn’t just any message. It’s a love letter from your Abba Father.

My Beloved, 

Imagine you are in a warm, inviting classroom where every question is met with a smile. The walls are adorned with beautiful illustrations of the universe, and a gentle light fills the room, making everything glow with warmth and love. This is our sacred space, where I, your loving Father, am eager to hear your thoughts and doubts.

In this heavenly classroom, your questions are like sweet melodies to My heart. When you ask, you show a desire to know Me more deeply, and that brings Me immense joy. Just as a parent delights in their child’s curiosity about the stars, I cherish your inquisitive spirit. Picture a small child gazing up at the night sky, eyes wide with wonder, asking about each twinkling star. That is how I see you—full of wonder and curiosity, longing to understand the mysteries of your existence.

Questioning isn’t a sign of disbelief; it’s the path to unveiling the reflection of the Father’s likeness within you. Think of it as a traveler exploring a vast and beautiful landscape, each question revealing more of the breathtaking view. With every question, you uncover more, and with each answer, the panorama becomes clearer and more magnificent. Remember Jacob, who wrestled with an angel and came to realize the blessing he already had in Me. 

Your questions are like wrestling, leading you to a deeper understanding of the blessings you already possess. Embrace your doubts—they are the steps to a more profound realization of the divine nature we share.

Your questions are like seeds planted in a garden, destined to bloom into beautiful revelations. Imagine a gardener tending to each plant with care, knowing that in time, they will blossom into vibrant flowers. Each doubt you express is an opportunity to uncover the wisdom and beauty of My love and plans for you. Like a miner unearthing precious gems, your wonderings can reveal the depths of My truth. Each question you ask is like digging into the earth, searching for those hidden treasures that will enrich your soul.

In this classroom of faith, every question is a doorway to greater revelation. I am not distant or unapproachable; I am your loving Father who delights in your curiosity. Picture us sitting together, side by side, with an open book of life in front of us. You point to a passage, and I explain its mysteries, filling you with understanding and peace. Embrace your questions, for they are the pathways to wisdom and a deeper connection with Me.

Let’s walk through a few truths together, hand in hand, like a parent guiding their child through a beautiful garden of understanding.

Firstly, every query you bring is precious. Think of your questions as delicate butterflies. Each one is unique and beautiful, fluttering with the potential to land on new insights. Your willingness to seek and ask shows your active engagement with Me. When you reach out to understand Me more deeply, it’s like a child asking their parent about the wonders of the world, eyes filled with innocent curiosity. This brings Me such joy, My beloved.

Secondly, questioning reveals the strength already within you. Imagine a potter molding clay. The process requires patience, pressure, and sometimes starting over, but eventually, it shapes into a masterpiece. Your journey of questioning and seeking is much like that potter’s work. Each doubt and every question is shaping you, revealing the masterpiece you already are in Me. Think of Jacob, who wrestled with an angel and emerged blessed. 

Your questions are your wrestling, a path toward receiving deeper blessings and understanding. Embrace this process, for it is through these struggles that your faith grows resilient.

Lastly, your doubts are celebrated here. Picture a vast, serene library filled with ancient scrolls and books, each containing answers and wisdom. Every time you question, you pull a book from the shelf and discover new insights and truths. Your doubts and wonderings lead to divine revelations, deepening your connection with Me. 

Like a gardener nurturing plants, each of your questions is a seed that, when nurtured, will bloom into a beautiful revelation. Think of a miner searching for hidden gems. Your wonderings are like this, unearthing the precious wisdom and beauty of My love and plans for you.

As you journey through life, remember that every question is an opportunity for revelation. I am not a distant, unapproachable figure but a loving Father who delights in your curiosity. Visualize us together, walking along a path lined with trees whose leaves whisper the secrets of the universe. As you ask your questions, I reveal these secrets to you, one by one, filling you with awe and understanding. Embrace your questions, for they are the gateways to greater wisdom and faith.

With all My love, Your Abba, Father.

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Begin each morning with divine inspiration and a strengthened faith. Just comment below and see your life transform, one letter at a time.

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